DIY Dish Cloth Holder for Your Kitchen

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How to make a hanger for dish cloths in your kitchen.

How to make a dish cloth holder for your kitchen. These help hold dish cloths until they dry and keep them out of the way. No more soggy cloths in the sink.

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If you aren’t a regular follower of my blog, you may not be aware that I am the QUEEN of reusable products. I love being able to wash and reuse items. We use a lot of items like cloth napkins, unpaper towels and more in our house. For dish cloths, I use a soft square knit wash cloth or a scrubbing dish cloth. Unlike sponges, they don’t sit and build up bacteria. I can launder them after every use. These dish cloths can get tossed in the wet bag with all of my other cloth products for washing and reuse.

My only problem? I needed a pretty storage solution for my dish cloths so they were easily accessible. And (swoon) I can’t wait to show you what I came up with… best part? It’s essentially a 10 minute project, not including painting.

Supplies to Make a Dish Cloth Holder

  • Scrap wood
  • Paint
  • Glue (something heavy duty)
  • Clips: I find these at the craft store.
  • Double sided stick-on hangers for the back (Command Strips would do the trick)
  • Optional: Silhouette Machine, free printable from, and transfer paper
  • We use Scotch-Brite® Scrubbing Dish Cloths, but there are other types of scrubbing cloths too.

Crafting a DIY Dish Cloth Holder

This is such a simple project. I started by taking a piece of wood that was already distressed. For distressing tips, check out my blog post: Drab to Dreamy Lego Desk.   Add your hangers to the back of your wood. I accidentally did this as my last step, but it’s easier to do it as your first step. I added a bunch of these across the board because they aren’t really rated for much weight and I wanted to make sure it stuck on the wall.

I used double sided stick on hangers to hang my dish cloth hanger.

Using your adhesive, stick your clips on. I used two, one on each end. If you skip the quote for the middle, you could also just use additional clips.Make sure to measure the spacing out so they’re even. Let dry.

Use a good adhesive to glue the clips onto your wood.

Now you can use your transfer paper to add your Silhouette design, centered on your wood. This Silhouette design is free for my email subscribers in the exclusive freebie folder (look for wash-dry-repeat file).

Hang above your sink, making sure to center and level it.

Homemade Dish Cloth Holder for Above the Sink


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DIY Dish Cloth Hanger for Kitchen

Do you use dish rags? Do you hand wash your dishes?

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