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Photo Flip Book {Mothers Day Gift}

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I found this tutorial on Pinterest while I was looking for some good Mother’s Day gift ideas and decided to go for it. I have a ton of scrapbook paper that I keep for purposes like this. I also wanted to test out my new printer and printed a bunch of 4×6 photos for this. I did need to go buy some more glue sticks because I ran out. I don’t like using those photo tabs because the photos fall out and it drives me nuts. Here’s a tutorial for something similar to do with wallet size photos.

Here’s what happens when you print on the wrong side of the photo paper, haha.
I was so upset my printer was “broken.” Oops.

This is the printer I used:

 I did mostly everything the same as she did in her tutorial so I’m not going to repeat her steps. Please head over to her blog for the information. The blue scrapbook paper is double sided which was prettier, but one sided paper works too because the photos cover most of it. I used Scotch tape to piece them together because I didn’t have anything else.

Supplies I used: Scissors, Scotch/clear tape, mod podge, brush, ruler/measuring tape, scrapbook paper (one 12×12 piece per booklet), glue gun, ribbon, 10 photos.

I did have to trim my photos down a bit to make them fit better. 
I used mod podge to put the ribbon on. 
I used mod podge for the ribbon, but for the photos I used a glue stick. I love
glue sticks because they tend to stick pretty well and they don’t do anything gross
like can happen with mod podge or other types of glue if you use too much. 

Here’s my final product:

One sided scrapbook paper: side 1
One sided scrapbook paper: side 2
Double sided scrapbook paper: side 1
Double sided scrapbook paper: side 2

Sharing is caring!