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Venturing into Hook and Loop Cloth Diapers

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Sewing cloth diapers that use hook and loop.This post may contain affiliate links. Using these links helps support my blog. Thank you!

I’ve been happy with my snapping diapers, but they take so long to make because snap placement takes me about 30 min per diaper. It’s really boring work. It’s my least favorite part of sewing cloth diapers.

With Baby 2 on the way, I want to double my stash without spending quite so much time putting snaps on. My concern with hook and loop is that I’m pretty bad about remembering to close the laundry tabs so the hook gets stuff on my inserts or diaper fabric, and ruins the diapers. Bad Danielle!

Fortunately, there is a solution! If you check out this link, it will show you how to add the hook on so you can just remove the hook when you put the diaper through the wash.

My goal was to make a bunch of diapers that could use the same tabs, that way I HAD to remove the tabs to put them on the next diaper or I’d end up unable to fasten the diaper. Again, gotta fool proof my diapers against Danielle laziness.

I also did the snaps the way she suggests at the bottom of the tutorial where you use a female and male snap for each tab. She did it so she could keep diaper closed after removing the tabs; I’ve got a different goal in mind… I want to be able to hook my two tabs together so I don’t lose one.

Here I drew a template for my tabs and diapers. I basically figured out where I wanted to put the snaps, used my awl to punch the holes, then I traced the tab/diaper edge onto my paper, and put a dot where the holes were- through the already punched out holes. This will allow me to exactly replicate the spacing on the snaps so all my diapers can be the same.

Here’s my second attempt, I did things a little differently. For one side, I actually did the snaps on the underneath… I didn’t think of it until I was half done. It looks better that way in my opinion, but the hook catches on the inside of the diapers easier that way. That’s a pretty huge drawback.

Here’s a different attempt with only one snap on each tab. I like this better because I’m lazy and it’s easier to keep track of. I did the tabs on the inside. While I don’t like that they get caught on the inside of the diaper as much as they do, I think I may just wait to snap the tabs on until the diaper is already on G. That should solve that problem. This is by far my favorite recent diaper.

Things I might change:

  • I might shorter my tabs a little. They’re 3″ here. I figured I’d make them long, then cut them if necessary. Right now they’re working, but if I had a smaller child I might need to shorter them in order to tighten the diaper more.

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