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DIY Homestead Projects for Your To-Do List

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Here are DIY projects that you should complete for your homestead to make your small farm easier to manage, more profitable, and more self sufficient.

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There’s nothing I love better than a GOOD DIY project for my homestead. Those projects often help make the farm and animals easier to manage, which makes my daily chores easier. Every month (or week?) I try to add structures or small adjustments to make my workload easier. This gives me more time to enjoy just being on the farm and all of the hard work that I do.

Work smarter, not harder.

Here are some structures that will help you get where you want to be on your small farm.

DIY Homestead Projects

Here are some DIY homestead project ideas that you can make for your small farm to help your farm be more self sufficient and easier to manage.

I’ve been working on a few guides that may help you in your journey:

Here’s a video showing how some of our structures are setup and adjustments that I’ve made to help streamline chores.

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Projects to complete for your small farm or homestead to make it easier to manage, more productive, and more.

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