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DIY Bench and Goat Petting Area

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The goats checking out their new bench and goat house sign.

How to make a simple DIY bench for a goat pen, along with a cute barnyard sign, to create a comfortable petting area for you and your pets.

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I love my goats. You’ll see me say that a lot. They’re pretty spoiled, but I’ve been a bit sad that there’s no safe place to sit in their pen. I want to sit and pet them, but the ground is pretty muddy right now and there’s goat chocolate down there too.

So when our monthly challenge for At Home DIY Challenges was “Make it pretty outdoors,” it made sense to tackle this project finally.

Building a bench for the goat pen has been on the list for a while. I wanted something simple, but it couldn’t be a hazard for the goats. I LOVE the cinderblock benches because they’re super easy, but using 4x4s would leave gaps between the 4x4s that their legs could get caught in. I try to avoid vet bills whenever possible.

I decided to create a more simplified version of those cinder block benches. I also added a cute sign for the side of the goat house to make the area a bit prettier.

Keep in mind that the goats will climb on this. They’ll probably poop on it too. But it’s better than the ground by my estimation.

Here’s how I made mine.

Supplies for the DIY Bench

Supplies for the Goat House Sign

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How to Build a Cinder Block Bench

This was super simple. I grabbed four used cinder blocks that were collecting dust (and some moss). I washed and dried them off.

Four old cinder blocks being prepped to use for a DIY bench.

Once that was done, I spray painted them black with Rustoleum 2x Paint and Primer. This is my preferred paint when I’m trying to paint something for outdoors. They probably could have used another coat.

Timmy checking out the cinder blocks.

We have some old decking material that the previous owner left so I cut this into (3) 41″ pieces so I had a 16″ depth or thereabout for the bench. I decided I didn’t like the color so I spray painted them black too.

Painting the decking materials.

It might be good to put some UV spray on top of this to help protect it further from fading or peeling in the sun/weather.

After everything dried, I just glued the blocks together using an adhesive. You want something that will work with the concrete.

Adding adhesive to the cinder blocks.

The decking boards were glued on top of those concrete blocks. Easy peasy!

Welcome to the Herd sign on the side of a white 6x8 goat barn. Me sitting on a small cinderblock and wood bench with two of my goats.

For what it’s worth, I’m not 100% happy with the bench… I think the wood I used for the seat probably should have been flipped because it was starting to bow. I’m going to see how it all lasts over time… worse case, I build something new later on.

But realistically, this seat has a 100% chance of getting pooped on so I figure this will work great with zero cost to build.

“Welcome to the Herd” Sign for the Goat House

This was super fun and simple to make. You can get access to the free Cricut design by signing up for my newsletter below:

I cut this using my Cricut Maker and used Oracel 751 vinyl which is intended for long term outdoor use. I can’t compare it to the outdoor vinyl from Cricut in terms of longevity, but I had it leftover from my Kids Garage project so I wanted to use it. Essentially the machine takes a piece of vinyl that’s on a cutting mat and cuts out the words. When it’s done, you peel away the excess vinyl to reveal the words. Good stuff.

Weeding the "Welcome to the herd" sign.

Once it was cut and weeded, I applied it using Cricut Transfer paper. Sometimes this stuff is a bit overly strong so I like to use it over as possible. By the second or third use, it’s easier to apply stuff.

Applying vinyl to the side of the goat house.

Once applied, peel the transfer paper off. Done! I LOVE it. So far it seems to be staying on really well. I was worried that it might not because of how rough the wood is for the goat house.

I had helpers of course…

Timmy the goat was eating me while I applied the vinyl to the goat barn.
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How to make an easy bench with cinder blocks and a "Welcome to the Herd" sign.

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Friday 24th of May 2019

a goat petting area!!! I wish I had a reason for this haha this is awesome


Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

When I saw the finished bench I did not realize that the base was bricks, love the idea! Thanks for sharing!


Sunday 19th of May 2019

It's always fun to visit your blog and see what you have been up to. I love your attention to detail with even the simplest projects! What a fun area for your goats and visitors. Too fun!


Monday 20th of May 2019

Thank you :) The goats are really enjoying the seat, as are we. :)

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