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10 Cricut Maker Projects and What They Taught Me

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10 Cricut Project Ideas for the Maker

These are my top Cricut Maker projects and what each project taught me. It’s important to try different techniques and projects if you want to learn to use your Cricut.

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Having the Cricut Maker™ opens up a lot of options for unique, easy crafts. While I love my more complicated sewing or woodworking projects, sometimes it’s nice to be able to just sit down and quickly complete a project in under an hour. Honestly, as a mom, an hour is often all I have to work with. Naps only last so long, right?

Each project below is something I’ve completed in the past year with my Maker. Each one taught me something new.

Here’s what these 10 projects taught me…

#1 How awesome the Maker’s Rotary Blade is for small sewing projects

These easy balloon covers were even easier to make when my Cricut cut the fabric for me. I got to finally try out the rotary blade on the Maker™ and BOY am I impressed. It’s a great tool for cutting out small details on small projects.

If you sew a lot, you know that knit fabric can be difficult to cut, particularly when you’re working with small pieces. The edges curl which makes it difficult to get the cuts just the right size.

With the Maker, the knit is adhered to the fabric mat, preventing curling, so you get the EXACT right size for your project.

A bag of balloons next to a balloon that is inside a balloon cover. Fabric cut with the Maker's rotary blade.

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#2 How many GREAT projects are available from Cricut’s Access Membership

I really love using the free projects on Cricut Design Space’s Access membership. It’s cheaper than buying something on Etsy or another source, and it’s still fast and easy. And you know EXACTLY what you’re getting- you’ve seen the finished photos.

While sometimes I like to do my own thing, I don’t LOVE working with paper so using a Cricut Access template was perfect for these Christmas invitations!

This was a Cricut Access project to make Christmas party invites.

#3 How Convenient it is to Download Files from Etsy and Other SVG Sources

Sometimes I can’t find what I want or need on Design Space. While I could always create my own design using the software, it’s often time consuming. And I don’t always HAVE the time.

Sometimes I just want to be finished with a project QUICK. I need to check it off the list and MOVE ON. These are a few projects that were worth not trying to get perfect myself.

First was these POPULAR customized boxer briefs that I made for my husband. I saw lots of other women snickering about using this file to make gifts for their significant others on holidays and birthdays. I also just like to make my husband blush.

Funny men's boxer briefs customized with Cricut: Deez Nuts with Squirrel and "The Man" "The Legend" design with arrows.

I thought these kitchen organizers for the inside of a kitchen cabinet were a neat idea, but now that I’ve been using them for months, I’m IN LOVE. Yes, I could have made my own. Downloading this file saved me SO much time though… and it’s a project I JUST wanted DONE. I didn’t want to waste time on it. I didn’t want it customized. DONE.

Easy organization vinyl for the inside of the kitchen cabinets.

These personalized Christmas sacks were easy to make with big blank canvas laundry bags. And while, again, I could have design my own bags, downloading the file was so much easier.

The project came together in an hour or two- the most time consuming part was weeding it all. Gosh I LOVE checking things off my to-do list.

Christmas sacks I made this year using a design I purchased on Etsy.

I also put together two quick tote bags for my mother and mother-in-law. These were also from designs I purchased.

Totally. Worth. It.

Aren’t the results stunning?

DIY Horse Themed Tote Bag

This horse heart design was purchased on Etsy too.

DIY Hair Stylist Bag

This woman's silhouette used a design I purchased on Etsy and Cricut patterned iron on.

#4 To experiment with different types of vinyl and iron on

I’ve tried a few different types of iron on in the past year. I like the foil iron on, but hate how it photographs (photos never do it justice). Everyday Iron On is my go to. But I am TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH patterned iron on.

Ever since discovering it, I’ve been trying to think of fun new projects for it. Along with the hair stylist bag, I also made two shirts using three different types of patterned iron on.

It’s a lot of fun to see how much different a project looks with two similar, but different types of patterned iron on. I tried this with the two “Yeti for a Snow Day” shirts that I made for my sons.

These shirts used patterned iron on on a design I used contour to take apart to work for the project.

I also used the patterned iron of for a Valentines shirt for the toddler. Ahhhhh! SO MUCH CUTENESS!

This project was a design from Design Space that I took apart and fixed to my liking.

#5 How to design my own projects

The most important thing I’ve learned is how to use the Cricut Access files to tweak and make my own designs. It’s a lot of fun to see how far I can stretch the original design to make something unique.

Learn to use the following tools: contour, slice, and weld, and you’ll be able to create quite a few projects in Design Space.

The Yeti shirt was my first time using contour and it came it SO useful. I was able to take the design and make it into what I needed.

I used slicing and welding a lot for the Valentine’s truck shirt.

This Father’s Day shirt was just a bunch of designs that I liked and put together… nothing complicated.

This Father's Day shirt was a mix of designs from Access on Cricut Design Space

When you’re starting out with your Cricut and trying to learn everything, make sure you take it one project at a time. But diversify- try different types of vinyl, different types of projects, and don’t get intimidated.

Thinking about buying a Cricut Maker™ and not quite sure what to get? Make sure to check out my basic guide for what to buy with the Cricut Maker.

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10 Projects to make with your Cricut Maker and what they'll teach you!

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