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Custom Tote Bag for a Horse Lover

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Outside of the canvas tote bag with rope handles. The iron on design is purple with a heart around a horse's head.

How to make a custom tote bag for the horse lover in your life, plus a 15% coupon code on blank tote bags.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BagzDepot, your source for bulk totes. All opinions are 100% mine. 

Bagz Depot sent me these super fun canvas tote bags with rope handles along with the large laundry bags that I used for my Santa bags. The bags have a magnetic clasp and a zippered pocket inside. They seem to be really good quality so I was excited to make something nice with them.

I made this for a friend who loves horses. Now I just need to decide what to put inside.

DIY Custom Tote


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How to Customize the Tote

Start by cutting all of your Heat Transfer Vinyl with your Cricut Maker™. Make sure to mirror the image and place your HTV right sides down on your cutting mat.

Weed away the excess from your design so you’re left with what you see below.

Weeded HTV designs with horses.

Preheat your bag per the instructions for your HTV and bag… I used the settings for my HTV + cotton canvas from Cricut. The blue horse is regular iron on, but the red design is foil so they have different settings.

Blank canvas bag with HTV design next to it.

Once the area is preheated, place your design down on the bag. Make sure it’s centered properly. Lay your teflon sheet down over the design.

Now you can press with your Cricut EasyPress™ per the instructions. I pressed the design, then flipped the bag and slipped the EasyPress inside to press the back of the design too.

Pressing the HTV on the bag.

Once ready, I peeled the plastic sheet off to reveal my adhered design.

HTV design on tote bag with teflon sheet over it halfway.

At this point, I repeated with the other side for my other design.

Look! It has a pocket!

Inner zipper pocket for a tote bag.

I really adore these canvas tote bags and BagzDepot has given me a 15% off coupon code EXCLUSIVELY for my visitors. Use the code DIYDANIELLE at checkout to get the discount!

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Gift idea for a horse lover. Custom tote with pocket! Make it with your Cricut.

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