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Kitchen Measurements & Measuring Cups Organization

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Pictures of the cups hanging on cheap hooks inside the cabinet, carefully labeled with my Cricut.

How to organize measuring cups, measuring spoons, and keep a list of commonly used measurements on the inside of your cupboard.

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Two things drive me nuts in my kitchen- not being able to find measuring cups AND measuring cups blocking the drawers from closing. I saw this cute idea on Pinterest where you can put the measurement conversions and measuring cups on the back of the cupboard door… I decided to do this in our kitchen!

Here’s the basic idea…


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Adding the Vinyl to Your Cabinet

Thoughts on Cutting

If you want to save a little money on cutting these, consider which items you really need and delete the ones you don’t. If I recall, you may be able to do that with this file. I printed everything, then later realized that I didn’t need all of the measurements that I printed- I think there were some measuring spoon amounts that I didn’t own spoons for (I have a pretty basic set).

Vinyl Choice

Vinyl choice is important. You want to make sure you’re using removable vinyl, not permanent/outdoor vinyl. The removable vinyl will allow you to take the decal off at some point more easily WITHOUT ruining the finish on your cabinets.

If you make a mistake and use permanent vinyl, don’t stress. Hopefully you don’t ever want to take it off, but if you do then I find that using heat (such as a hot hair dryer) to warm up the vinyl helps allow me to peel it off without ruining the finish. You probably want to use heat regardless of what type of vinyl you use, justttt to be on the safe side.

Applying the Vinyl

Applying the vinyl is simple. You cut the vinyl using your Cricut. You weed the excess away.

The design, partially weeded.

Stick a strip of your transfer paper (slightly larger than the design you’re transferring) to the vinyl. Remove the vinyl backing.

Weeded vinyl on transfer paper.

Place your vinyl where you want it on the inside of the cabinet. Finish by removing the piece of transfer paper, making sure all of your vinyl is stuck to the cabinet.

Transfer paper with vinyl, stuck to the inside of my cabinet.

Position of the Vinyl

I find the measuring cups and the conversions are most useful where I prep all of my food. This is right next to the oven and under my plates, bowls, and casserole dish cabinet. That’s why I chose the inside of that cabinet to use for this project.

Think carefully about your placement and how much room everything needs to fit correctly.

Adding the Stick On Hangers to Your Cabinet

This is as easy as sticking the hangers onto the inside of your cabinet. Just peel off the back of the stickers. I found these hangers at the Dollar Tree which means the project was cheap-cheap-cheap.

Placement of the Measuring Cups

Think carefully about where you want your cups positioned. One thing we’ve noticed is that there’s one spot where the measuring cups hit the plates because of how the plates are positioned in that cabinet. It’s something to consider as you’re placing your vinyl/stick on hangers.

The 1/4 cup couldn’t fit on the left side of the cabinet so it looks sort of silly above the measuring spoons all by its lonesome, but it works.

Here’s the spoons:

Measuring spoons hanging inside a cabinet and labeled by size.

I LOVE how these came out and they’ve been really helpful. I particularly like having a special spot for the measuring spoons and cups. It’s easier to stay organized and they’re close at hand when I need them. I just need to train my husband and kids to put them back in the correct spot when it’s their turn to unload clean dishes.

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Organizer for inside of kitchen cabinets that helps with unit conversions and has a place to hang measuring cups and spoons.

Google Web Story: Organizing Measuring Cups in Kitchen with Your Cricut

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