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DIY Drawer Organizer for Kitchen Wrap

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DIY Kitchen Drawer Organizer for Kitchen Wrap

How to make a drawer organizer for plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and more. This easy to build item fits into a wide kitchen drawer.

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I really don’t like dealing with the boxes from the aluminum foil and plastic wrap containers so I decided to build my own DIY drawer organizer to hold the tubes. This will save drawer space because I won’t need to store the boxes as well.

Keep in mind that you need a fairly wide drawer to use this. My organizer is 15.5″ wide and my drawer is just slightly bigger than that so it’s a perfect fit. You might be able to make one for a slightly less wide drawer but the drawer needs to be wide enough to fit your kitchen wrap across the width of the drawer.

Supplies for this Project

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  • 2×4’s or other scrap wood (1x4s might be more attractive)
  • Wood dowels
  • Woodworking equipment: Something to cut the wood with, screwdriver, clamp, spade bit 1″

DIY Drawer Organizer for the Kitchen Wrap

Gather your supplies and cut your wood. Your dowels and your piece of wood for the back should all be the same size (the width of your drawer). The 2×4 pieces are just as long as you need them to be to hold your kitchen wrap. I only use Plastic, Aluminum, and Parchment Paper so I didn’t need a very long organizer. I left the rest of the space open for other items to be stored.
Supplies for DIY Drawer Organizer: Dowels, 2x4s, and a Scrap of 3/4" plywood
I used my 1″ spade bit to drill the holes for the dowels. I drilled all the way through. Hindsight is 20/20… I’d recommend drilling all the way through on one side and then drill only partially through on the other to create a pocket. You’ll need to adjust your length of the dowel accordingly if you do it this way.

Now you can take your other piece of wood to screw into the back/front of the divider.

Use a spade bit to drill holes for your dowels.

Once you’re finished with this, you can sand all of the rough edges and around the holes. Wipe the dust off, then you can paint it. I used a good Paint + Primer spray paint and did a couple of coats (thanks to trying to spray paint it in the dark and missing spots).

Screw on the back or front piece to this kitchen wrap organizer.

Video Tutorial for a Drawer Organizer

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Build a drawer organizer for plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and parchment paper. Save storage space!

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Tuesday 5th of April 2022

I’ve been thinking of making something like this! I couldn’t get the video to work, so I’m wondering how you year off the foil or wrap that you need? Did I miss something? I was thinking of adding a fine tooth saw blade or even the cutter blade from my extra wide aluminum foil box to the edge of this build. What do you think? Is that what you did?


Tuesday 5th of April 2022

@Tori, I upcycled the piece off the disposable cardboard ones and glued or taped it to the wood. :)