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Easy DIY Lego and Magnatile Travel Kits

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DIY Take Along Toy Kits

Learn how to make easy DIY Lego and Magnatile Take Along Kits. These are small and lightweight to carry with you when traveling or to appointments.

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Yesterday I gave you my tips for Organizing for Trips, as well as a free printable packing list. Today I’m going to show you how to make simple Lego and Magnatile Take Along Kits for kids. These are great for road or air trips. They’ll keep small pieces contained and give you a nice storage container to keep them in.

They’re also great for taking to restaurants or doctor appointments when you know the kids may need to wait patiently. Be prepared.


DIY Magnatile Take A Long Box

These are very simple to make. For the Magnatiles, you can really just throw them all in a metal lunchbox and be done with it.

DIY Lego Take a Long Box

For the Lego box, I used heavy duty glue to attach a Lego plate to the bottom of the box. I pressed down for a few moments to make sure the glue adhered, then let dry. After that, I just added my Lego pieces. I recommend using pieces that are cheap and easy to find and replace. After all, these might get lost and you don’t want to add the original pieces from the handed down 1980’s Lego set.

I recommend labeling the sets so your information is on them if they get left behind at a restaurant or such.

Here’s a quick video of my process: 

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How to Make a Lego Take Along Kit and a Magnatile Take Along Kit

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