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Boys Valentine’s Shirt DIY: Buffalo Plaid Truck with Hearts

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How to make an easy buffalo plaid truck with hearts shirt for a boys Valentine’s shirt. This includes a link to a free Cricut cut file!

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I had a Buffalo Plaid sheet of patterned iron on leftover after I made a gift for a hair stylist with one of the other sheets. My friend Lori suggested a Valentine’s Day shirt for my kids! So I toyed around with some designs and came up with this super cute tootin’ heart truck.

Valentine’s Old Fashioned Truck & Hearts Shirt

Supplies Used

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The best thing about this project is that it doesn’t require any layering or difficult work. You’re simply using one sheet of patterned iron on and a shirt. Very easy.

Start by cutting your iron on. Don’t forget the iron on goes right side down on your mat and you want to mirror the image.

patterned iron on sitting on my Cricut Maker

Weed the excess iron on away.

Press the shirt for 5 seconds with your heat press to prepare it.

Center the design on your shirt.

buffalo plaid truck with hearts on it.

Cover with a teflon sheet or a piece of scrap cotton fabric. Use your heat press at the settings appropriate for your shirt (this will depend on your shirt’s fabric content and the type of press you have). Press. Flip shirt and press the back.

Cricut has a handy heat guide so you can figure out what to set the temperature at. If you’re using an iron you might not be able to set this though.

using EasyPress with cotton fabric under it to press this valentine's shirt

Does your plastic sheet pull up easily now without tearing the iron on off the shirt? If not, let the design cool then repeat the process. If so, go ahead and carefully remove it!

Enjoy! Want more Cricut projects? Make these naughty boxers for your husband for Valentine’s Day. Are you a boy mom or just a mom with particularly rambunctious kids? I also LOVE this “my kids are feral” Father’s Day shirt that I made my husband last year. Here’s some other Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas.

Easy boys Valentine's Day shirt with a truck in buffalo plaid with hearts on it. Placed on a black shirt.

Boys Valentine Shirt with Cricut

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