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Easy Kids Valentine’s with Sidewalk Chalk: Also perfect for party favors!

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"I chalk it up to good luck that we're friends" Valentines for my son's classmates!

How to make easy Valentine’s for your child’s class with sidewalk chalk. These would also make GREAT party favors!

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Mama is tired. Today, February 13th, is a half day at our school- so is tomorrow. I worked really hard to finish up these cute Valentine’s for the boys’ classmates… 45 Valentine’s total. I ordered exactly enough sidewalk chalk (a mistake). Three broke in transit leaving me with math problems.

Thinking I could run to the Dollar Tree quick and pick some up was a mistake. Pretty much any store trip with three kids is a mistake. It’s absolutely exhausting- which is why I’ll sometimes spend three hours making something from scratch to avoid a trip to the store.

Also the Dollar Tree was out. So my older sons’ classmates each got 3 sidewalk chalk and the preschooler’s classmates are getting two each. It’ll be fine?! I’m too tired to do anything else.

So if you decide to do this, plan for two things:

  • Buy more than you need in case they break in the mail
  • Plan to transport them to school so your kids don’t crack them against a door, causing them all to spontaneously combust

These would probably make great party favors too, or you can check out my list of The BEST Party Favor Ideas for Kids.

If this isn’t your jam, last year I did invisibility ink pens for Valentine’s cards.

Supplies Used

Total price: $25.34 or $0.56 per Valentine

This doesn’t require much work. Start by printing your printable. There’s four per sheet.

There are two versions of the printable: One for Valentines and one for party favors.
Two versions of the printable available for subscribers

Sign up below to get the free printables- there’s a version for Valentine’s and a version for party favors!

Have your child(ren) add their name and their classmates’ names. This is great writing practice.

My kids LOVED cutting their Valentines out too. Again- great practice. Once cut, each one needs to be folded neatly. Again- I put the kids to work here.

Add two or three sidewalk chalk per bag.

Stuffing sidewalk chalk into bags.

Fold the Valentine around the top of the bag of chalk, staple in place. I used two staples per bag.

Three pieces of sidewalk chalk per bag.

Even though this was a bit more rough than I wanted, I still think the project came out SUPER cute so I’m going to share. The boys were happy and helped “assembly line” the process.

Toddler helping put sidewalk chalk in bags while my 8 year old holds the bag.

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Make these easy DIY Valentines cards for kids with sidewalk chalk! Such a cute practical idea if you have warm spring weather coming!

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