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DIY Shirt for a Goat Lover & Mom

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"all of my kids call my maaaa" shirt on a woman in a purple tank with horses in field behind.

Quick and easy DIY shirt with the Cricut Maker that makes the perfect gift for a goat lover who is also a mom! GOATS ROCK!

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We love our goats… they’re certainly part of the family. My family thinks I’m nuts with all of our animals (ducks, goats, guinea pigs, and the dog), but I LOVE our little farm. And I love raising my kids around all of these amazing animals.

I always get a giggle when someone suggests the goats (or other critters) will tie me down, keep me from traveling, etc. No, I think that ship sailed when we had three children. So we might as well go all in on this amirite?…

Alright so this shirt is pretty easy to make. I used some Cricut Sportflex Iron On for this as it was leftover from another project; you may want to use regular iron on, however. It depends on the type of shirt you choose.

DIY Shirt for a Goat Lover

Supply List

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I’m not going to get into all of the details, but I wanted to show you the project and give you a basic supply list. You’ll want to grab my Goat Lover Cricut design if you want to make this really simple.

I started by cutting my iron on, right side down and mirrored for settings on my Cricut Maker. Once the machine cuts the image, you “weed” (scrape) away the extra stuff. See pile in the top there. You’re weeding the back of the design… the shiny side is up in the photo below as I’d finished weeding it all.

Weeding iron on (Sport Flex)

Now you can place your iron on vinyl on the shirt.

Laying out my iron on to be pressed.

Place a piece of cotton fabric over the design and press with an iron or heat press. Cricut has a Cricut Heat Guide to determine what heat you should set your press to.

When the iron on is properly adhered to your shirt, you should be able to easily peel up the plastic carrier sheet WITHOUT accidentally ripping or stretching out the iron on.

Peeling the carrier sheet off the iron on vinyl

And that’s all there is to it! I like this design because you can use one color of iron on. Nice and simple!

"All my kids call me maaaa" with a woman, baby, and goat on a shirt.

I have sooooo many goat DIY projects like my DIY goat playground, our homemade milking stand, and more! So check them all out!

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easy shirt that I made with my Cricut for that goat loving mom!

Sharing is caring!