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Upcycled Kid’s Shirt to Minecraft Sign

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"No zombies allowed" Minecraft sign for a bedroom.

How to upcycle an old kid’s shirt into a Minecraft sign for your child’s room. This is a great way to save your child’s favorite shirt!

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Do your kids have that ONE clothing item that they just don’t want to give up? Ever? My kids ADORE their Minecraft shirts, but they’re SO hard on their clothes. This shirt had a stretched out neck and had seen better days, but the image on the front was still good.

I suggested to my kids that we could turn it into a sign for my son’s Minecraft Room. They were 100% on board with this idea. I’ll probably regret this later as they have a LOT of favorite clothing items.

They told me they wanted the sign to say NO ZOMBIES ALLOWED! Well that seems reasonable! With a little bit of leftover Cricut iron on and an upcycled canvas panel from my DIY Dust Jacket Art, I was able to make this FAST and EASY.

DIY No Zombies Minecraft Sign


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I really don’t want to get too in-depth with this project because it is SUPER simple. This doesn’t need to be over explained so it will be short.

First, cut off the back of your shirt and the sleeves. You don’t need them. You can use those scraps to make DIY braided baskets or just use them as rags.

Cut the front off your shirt.

Iron your shirt front.

Prepare your Cricut machine and iron on. Don’t forget to mirror the image and text, and place the iron on shiny side down on the cutting mat.

Your machine can now cut the image out. You might want to consider removing the middle of the “no smoking” circle to save scraps for other projects if you’re cheap like me, lol.

I cut the middle pieces out because they were so large. I can use these scraps for other projects potentially.

I recommend letting your kids help weed the excess iron on away! He really liked it and hey, it’s their sign.

My son weeding the iron on.

Now you can iron on the image and words over the shirt design.

Use hot glue and a glue gun to attach the shirt to the canvas.

The shirt is glued onto the back of the canvas panel.

I love using Command Strips to hang these type of canvases.

And that’s it! Enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out my tutorial on how to make a Minecraft style sign with your child’s name.

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Upcycling a favorite shirt into a sign for a child's bedroom.

Sharing is caring!