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Squirt Toy Party Favors for a Pool Party

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Easy Pool Party Favors for a child's birthday party. These are foam squirt toys with a cute tag around the handle with each recipient's name on it. In the background blurred is an in-ground pool.

Create DIY pool party favors with easy tutorial. Use foam squirt toys, a Cricut, and Smart Sticker Cardstock to make these fun party favors.

I love giving party favors that MAKE SENSE. They need to be useful or usable. They can’t be clutter. So when I was looking for squirt toys for pool party favors, I opted for foam ones. They seem more basic and less likely to break. They were around the price I wanted to pay for favors- although this will be the only favor. If you don’t love this, here are some other birthday party favor ideas.

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DIY Pool Party Favors

I saw a really cute idea for squirt gun favors on DesignSpace, but ended up buying these foam squirt “guns” instead. I wanted something that would hopefully last and the cheap squirt guns don’t.


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Step 1: Cut your design with the Cricut Maker 3. Make sure to use a pen! You want to attach the text for the names to the white piece of Smart Sticker Cardstock.

Step 2: Peel away the blue sticker and place carefully over the white, ensuring that you center the name inside the pool float cutout.

Step 3: Peel away the “splashes” and place as desired.

Step 4: Wrap the completed sticker around the handle of your foam squirt guns. You will have some extra sticky area left… I just added some plain blue scrapbook paper there to cover it up.

The Smart Sticker Cardstock makes this super easy, but of course you could also use regular scrapbook paper with glue. It would just take longer.

The kids had a TON of fun with these at the party, even though I was a bit worried there’d be crying and anger if we used these. The only issue is that some kids didn’t take the tag off before jumping in the pool.

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Create DIY pool party favors with easy tutorial. Use foam squirt toys, a Cricut, and Smart Sticker Cardstock to make these fun party favors.

Sharing is caring!