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How to Decorate the Cricut Air 2

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How to decorate the Cricut Air 2 with printable vinyl and more.

How to decorate the Cricut Air 2 with printable vinyl, color pencils, and fun quotes.

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I’ve been excited to keep playing with my Cricut Air 2 so I decided to make some decals for the machine. I took a printable design from the Cricut store, added a couple quotes that I love (on permanent vinyl- removable might be better if you want to change it out), then added a quick reminder to check my spelling and mirroring.

I love how it came out! It’s so much more personalized now and it makes me smile when I use it.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I wrote a post all about the Cricut Air 2: What it is, how to get started, and what supplies you’ll need.

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To start, I used the Paisley Floral Explore Decor printable from the Cricut store. You need printable vinyl (not heat transfer vinyl) for this project. It’s a slightly different product than regular vinyl and… I warn you… it’s slightly harder to weed and apply. It’s not super hard, but I definitely think heat transfer vinyl is the easiest to weed, regular permanent vinyl is next, then this stuff. Just something to keep in mind if you decide to tackle this as your first project. It’s also more paper like on the top than regular vinyl. This allows you to color it which is good for the purposes of this project.

Printable vinyl for the Cricut Air 2

Because it’s a premade pattern, you don’t need to do anything with designing the project besides print and cut. The program will cue you to print this first. You place your printable vinyl in your printer (make sure you have it placed in the printer correctly), then tell your Cricut to print to your printer. You need two sheets for this project.

Printing on Printable Vinyl for Cricut

Next you’ll be cued to place these on a cutting mat and put them into your Cricut. The Cricut will cut around the design. Not sure if you can see the cut lines in the picture below, but they’re there.

Cut marks on printable vinyl.

Before you weed, go ahead and color it in. I sat my kids down with some coloring items too….

Coloring printable vinyl for a decal.

Once finished, you need to weed the vinyl. You’re pulling away the white space. Most of this is fairly easy, but watch out for the little small pieces. They’re easy to miss.

The drawback to this type of vinyl is that you need to place it by hand on your machine. Usually I like to use transfer paper but I don’t believe the transfer paper is safe to use on this. The main corner of flowers is together so that’s easy enough, but there’s a lot of small pieces to move too (the little petals and circles that you see). Phew, my hands were shaking and I was on edge by the end of this… I am soooooo particular about my placement and after all the coloring, I wanted this perfect.

Colored printable vinyl applied to the Cricut Air 2

Afterwards, I just did some plain quotes on purple permanent vinyl for the quotes.  Those I applied with transfer paper because it’s wayyyyyy easier that way to line things up perfectly. Or almost perfectly. My hands were still shaky when I was weeding and applying.

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How to decorate the Cricut Air 2.

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Wednesday 13th of February 2019

Love it. Going to try it

Cheryl Biggs

Monday 30th of July 2018

I found a coloring page for decals to decorate my (new) Cricut that I wanted to use, but I didn't have the right supplies at the time so I printed the picture for future reference and now I can't find that pattern anyplace. It's called Floral Flourish Explore Decor. Any suggestions? Please. ~Cheryl


Monday 30th of July 2018

Was it in the Cricut Design Space store? If so, I found one called that under the images tab. You have to search 'floral flourish'... hope that helps!