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This Hand Towel Hack Will Change Your Life

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How to keep your hand towels from ending up on the floor. Sea shell towel hanging on a towel ring.

How to kid proof your hand towels. This hand towel hack will keep your hand towels from ending up on the floor.

I’ve had it! I am sooooo tired of walking into our downstairs bathroom and seeing the hand towel on the floor! GROSS. I just want a clean towel to dry my hands on. Upstairs we don’t have this issue of hand towels falling because instead of hand towels, we use cloth wipes. I keep a stack next to the sink for the kids to dry their hands, wash their face, and wipe up around the sink. It’s great.

Needless to say, I’ve been grumbling about the issue since before I can remember and one day I grabbed my snap pliers and fixed them! They will never fall off again and I’m ecstatic. I also tightened the screw on the towel ring so it wouldn’t fall off… it gets loose occasionally and needs to be tightened or it will fall off.

If you have kids, you probably understand the complete satisfaction that comes with actually FIXING something that was broken. You just don’t have time, and when get a few minutes you’re too scattered to think of what you needed to do. But I did it! Rocket. Scientist.

This is a simple project… 5 minutes… 10 cents… here’s how you do it!

Supplies to Kid Proof the Hand Towels

  • Snaps, snap pliers (I prefer KamSnaps which are durable and the industry standard for DIY cloth diapers)
  • 2-3 hand towels (however many you use in that bathroom)

If you don’t already own snaps and snap pliers, obviously this will cost you more than ten cents because you’ll need to purchase the set. But they’re pretty affordable and you’ll find you can use them for everything. Here’s some clever projects done with KamSnaps.

How to Keep Hand Towels from Falling Off the Towel Bar

This is so simple you’re going to ask yourself why YOU didn’t think of it! I love those kind of projects. They’re easier to accomplish with limited time.

First, I own these amazing KamSnaps pliers… they’re the best snap pliers on the market and I have had my set since 2011 roughly… they’re still going strong. I keep thinking about upgrading to their newer ones that do grommets and such, but haven’t gotten around to it. I have a post on how to install snaps if you aren’t sure how to use snap pliers. It’s pretty simple. I put snaps on EVERYTHING. I just put snaps on my couch to keep a cover on- I’ll share that project soon. It’s amazing. Bahahaha the kids won’t get that off either! I’ve foiled their evil plots.

Okay so fold your hand towel exactly how you’ll place it on the towel bar. I do the double fold like this… is this how you do it?

Hanging towel folded properly before being put on the ring.

I found it was easiest to put it over the towel ring to eyeball where to place the snaps.

On one side of the inner ‘flap,’ you add a stud snap.

Adding a snap to the inside of the hand towel.

Stud snap placed inside a hand towel, hidden from sight.

On the opposite inner flap, you add your socket snap.

You can snap them together like so…

Socket and stud snaps on the inside of hand towels, hidden out of sight.

Here’s how it looks laid out. I repeated this with two other hand towels. This gives me a few hand towels to swap out for washing! The best part of this is that the snaps are hidden inside the towel.

Snaps applied to the inside of a hand towel to help keep the towel from falling off.

Just a quick test to make sure it will work! We have a winner!

Unable to pull the hand towel off the towel bar! We have a winner!

This is pretty much a 10 cent fix if you already own snap pliers. AMAZING. Life. Changing.

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This hand towel hack will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Keep those hand towels off the floor for less than 10 cents!

This easy, cheap fix is a game changer for keeping hand towels off the floor! And it will only take you 5 minutes!

Hand Towel Hack

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Wednesday 16th of November 2022

Thank you for this genius idea! I just put snaps on all our bathroom hand towels and now I'm eyeing the kitchen hand towels. Life changing. I used some leftover pearl snaps I had laying around, which are super pretty, but I wonder if the damp conditions will make them rust?

Danielle Pientka

Saturday 10th of December 2022

Honestly I'm not sure about metal snaps. I use all plastic ones because that's the only type I own. One way to find out! I imagine they won't rust though because many baby clothes have metal snaps.


Thursday 28th of July 2022

I just fold it the same way and clip it with a small clip on the edges inside of the towel about 2" from the top. This way it holds it but you can't see the clip.


Wednesday 9th of January 2019

You ROCK! This is also one of my peeves. I was ready to buy crochet-topped kitchen towels for their bathroom. ????????????


Tuesday 29th of January 2019

RIGHT!? It's so frustrating when they're all over the floor. Also, more laundry is bad.


Wednesday 4th of July 2018

Love this coat rack. Would be fun to add hooks from hob lob. Thanks!