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Skeletal Unicorns for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

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How to paint some easy skeletal unicorns to use as a scavenger hunt for a haunted Halloween trail. This was so much fun to do with the kids!

I saw this idea in a craft group and HAD to make them myself. I got ten of these skeleton unicorns at the Dollar Tree. They were really easy to update with some simple supplies!

Painting Plastic Skeleton Unicorns


Ten unicorn skeletons in a Dollar Tree basket.


There’s really nothing special about painting these. I loved using the paint markers and Sharpies because it’s EASY. However, it would also be nice to start by spray painting each a different base color. Here are some tips for painting plastic. I did not seal or do anything special with these after painting them.

I suggest deciding on 10 different themes for your unicorns. I was struggling. You could also glue on flowers, add eyes in the sockets (ie. googly eyes or make tiny balls from clay), add devil horses, etc. I think I’ll go bigger next year and redo some of these.

Painting the ribs of a unicorn skeleton.

This year, we let the kids decorate a few of them as well.

The main thing to realize is that you’ll want to layer the paint quite a bit. It took a few coats to get everything right, although paint markers tend to go on thick.

I think brushed metal type paints look really nice for these. But spray paint would likely be easier!

Skeleton unicorn from Dollar Tree and FolkArt Brushed Metal paint.

Haunted Trail Scavenger Hunt

We did a missing persons’ posters sign using wood, but then we added some signs for the kids to find different things on the trail too. We photographed the items that needed to be found, then put them on their own posters. That’s the last page on the template. We added scavenger hunts for both the Witch Totems and these unicorns.

You can use my SPOOKY MISSING PERSONS template on Canva (last page) for the scavenger hunt checklist. This includes pretend “Missing Children” Posters… if this is upsetting/triggering to you, please avoid this. I was torn because it was an easy project and definitely spooky, but… also… sad.

I would like to do something slightly different for next year on the board and keep the scavenger hunt, but I need to think of something less yucky.

Regardless, I yellowed the printed sheets with tea to make them look older. I stapled the dry yellowed sheets to an old piece of plywood and propped it up in the woods at the beginning of the trail. We shown a light on the board so the kids could see it as they entered then trail, then left a bin with Halloween pens and the papers. This was a FUN idea, but where it was so dark, I think next year I’ll add a light to all of the items that are there to be found. We still haven’t found 5 of the witch totems, and the joke is that they’ve become part of our forest now… haha.

Scavenger hunt materials include pens and printables.

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Easy skeleton unicorns painted different colors for a Halloween scavenger hunt.

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