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DIY Halloween Pathway Lights: Creepy Doll Faces

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How to make some easy pathway lights using creepy doll faces! These are the perfect outdoor Halloween decor for our Haunted Trail!

We’ve been working on our Halloween Haunted Trail for the year. Last year was our 1st Annual Haunted Forest / Trail that we put on for our kids. This year we want to go bigger and better so we have two extra helpers and it’s going to be PHENOMENAL. I’m so excited and I’ll be blogging about a few different projects that I am making for the trail. The plan is to keep the supplies for each year to reuse, and add a little each year. As the kids get older, we can make it spookier.

Our French Au Pair, Max, started the projects by making some DIY Sppoky Witch Totems with twigs from our yard. I tackled these pathway lights. We need lots of lights to help kids stay on the path. These should do the trick and they are SUPER creepy! I LOVE THEM!

Here’s how to make your own!

DIY Creepy Doll Pathway Lights


Video Tutorial

Step 1: Untangle the red fairy lights and put them inside the doll head.

Step 2: Take a piece of black foam and insert it into the doll head, so the doll head stays on firmly. Make sure the lights are inside but the battery pack can hang down.

Step 3: Use black electrical tape to tape around the cord of the battery pack, all the way down to the pack. Once I added batteries and tested the lights, I taped the battery pack to the foam (leave the switch untaped and the battery opening is touching the foam).

Step 4: Insert driveway markers on your path.

Step 5: Slip foam with doll heads over the driveway markers.

All done! This was quick and easy!

Projects from the Haunted Halloween Trail:

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How to make some easy pathway lights using creepy doll faces! Doll heads x 3 with red lights shining out of them in the forest.

Sharing is caring!