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DIY Guillotine from Cardboard for a Halloween Trail

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How to make a cardboard guillotine decoration for a Halloween trail or Haunted House. This is a fun project for Halloween!

We wanted to make a guillotine for our Halloween trail this year, but I never got together the wood for it… instead Max, our au pair, helped out and pulled out the cardboard. Where it’s cardboard, there are no dangerous pieces and it’s cheap and easy to make. However, it isn’t fully functional in terms of the blade going up and down. BUT maybe next year we’ll upgrade it a bit.

Where Max made most of this, I didn’t get many progress photos. But you can see some of the steps.

DIY Cardboard Guillotine


  • PVC
  • Brown spray paint (alternatively could have used brown duct tape and skipped the painting)
  • Cardboard
  • Silver duct tape


The PVC went inside the cardboard as a support and a way to anchor the guillotine in the ground.

Support pieces for a cardboard guillotine Halloween decoration.

Two pieces like this were taped together to form the area the guillotine “blade” falls into…

Pieces for a cardboard guillotine Halloween decoration.

Here is the blade.

Blade from cardboard for a guillotine Halloween decoration.

I believe these pieces were on the top and were the area the blade hung from.

Support pieces for a cardboard guillotine Halloween decoration.

Projects from the Haunted Halloween Trail:

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Fake guillotine for an outdoor Halloween decoration.

Sharing is caring!