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Skeleton in Chains: Outdoor Halloween Decoration

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How to make an easy Skeleton in Chains outdoor Halloween decoration using some fake chains, a pallet, and a skeleton.

This was a super quick and easy last minute project- my neighbors did something similar with a larger pallet. I think the bigger pallet makes more sense. This is for our Halloween Trail.

Skeletons in Chains DIY Halloween Decoration


This didn’t really need a full tutorial, but I’ll show you what we did.

We started by propping a pallet up on a tree.

Pallet with fake Halloween chains hanging from it. Pallet is leaning against a tree.

We added a speaker with Halloween sounds behind the pallet, as well as some lighting. Then we propped the Skeleton up against the pallet and “chained him up.” I wish we’d used a bigger pallet- maybe next year.

The skeleton dog is a Halloween decoration that I bought MANY years ago. It used to howl on a motion sensor but broke. I need to try to fix it. I LOVE that thing. My 5 year old is petrified of it though, despite being told many many times that it’s pretend.

Like the other areas of the trail, we had candy available in the zone.

Skeleton chained to a pallet with red lighting behind him., a skeleton dog beside him and a bowl of candy on the ground.

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Skeleton chained to a pallet during the daytime on a Halloween trail, a skeleton dog beside him and a bowl of candy on the ground.

Sharing is caring!