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Nursery Makeover: Introduction

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I decided (nesting mama, watch out!) to redo Baby G’s nursery now that my sewing abilities are a bit better and we’ve moved into a bigger place. Baby #2, Kaden, is also a boy so they’ll eventually share a room and I’m designing it for both of them.

I wanted something that would work for a while- nothing too childish, but something cute. G loves “beep beeps” which was going to be my theme, but the fabric I liked didn’t end up being the right type and I decided the other fabric choice that I liked made too much of a “Let’s GO!” statement for a bedroom. I decided to look just at Michael Miller fabric because I love the style and the calmer colors, as well as the way they have coordinating fabrics together. It’s simpler for me and I’m a Libra so my ability to make choices is severely limited. Less is more. When it came down to it, I was deciding between Forest Friends (Les Amis) and Doggies (Yap Yap Turquoise).

I chose Les Amis after a Facebook poll among my friends (“like” my page on Facebook… I need more followers to poll next time!) because it gave me more freedom for wall decor. I liked the dogs a lot though so I bought some of that to make some pants for Baby G and Baby K.

This will end up being a series of posts, but I wanted to share some of my fabric and color choices. Some of the information won’t be as complete as it will be in my more detailed posts on the topics as I haven’t gotten all my measurements yet- this is a HUGE undertaking so it’ll take some time.


Things to Sew

  • Changing Pad Covers: 3 [1.5 yards of print, 3 yards of gray minky]
  • Big Crib Fitted Sheet: 2, Mini Crib Fitted Sheets: 2 [2 yards of print, 6 yards of gray solid cotton for 4 total crib sheets]
  • Blackout Curtains: 2 Panels [blackout curtain material, print, plus solid fabric- still need to measure these!]
  • Matching Blankets (names embroidered on): 2 [3 yard print, 3 yards accent fabric]
  • Book Slings: 2
  • Toddler Pillow Case Covers: 2 [used remaining fabric scraps]
  • Teething Crib Rail Guard (Crib)
  • Teething Crib Rail Guard (Mini)

I am opting to skip the crib skirt because I can’t even see the one on Baby G’s crib and it’s like it doesn’t even exist. Waste of perfectly good fabric. I decided not to make a crib bumper either because it’s a safety risk that isn’t worth the time and expense to sew; they’re also not legal to sell in Maryland after this summer so it would have no resale value once the boys outgrow the nursery set.

Just to clarify, we are going to be getting K this mini crib below because it’s a bit smaller and easier to move between rooms. It also rocks. Win. By the time K outgrows it, G should be ready for his big boy bed (around 3 years old or older). The only problem is that it’s smaller so everything will need to made to the correct size.

Things to Make or Purchase

  • Lighting: With only one window, it’s pretty dark in the nursery. I’d like to add some additional lighting that’s hooked up to the main switch so we can easily turn it off and on. I want to take an old lamp shade and redo it for this project too.
  • Paintings or wall art
  • Matching picture frames
  • Banners with their names
  • Tree painting that includes a height chart (or wall decal)

Help Links

Links to the Posts (which will become active once they are published)

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