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How to Make a No Small Talk Door Sign

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Small Talk Strictly Prohibited Sign for Introverts: Blue with fabric flowers.

How to make an introvert door sign. This “no small talk” sign will say what you are really thinking.

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As part of this month’s “thrift store” challenge, I decided to post about the introvert sign that I created… a while ago. It’s been hanging around in my sewing room, waiting for a few final touches.

This sign evolved from a set of cabinets that I bought from the Restore, a thrift store specifically for furniture and construction type products like cabinets, door knobs, lighting, etc.

We’ve bought used cabinets from the store quite a few times to save money, such as the cabinet we used for our DIY Arcade Machine and the cabinets I used in our closet organization system. The sign is an upcycled door from one cabinet that we purchased. And goodness, I can’t even remember what I used the base for. 

For the record, I love people. I just love people in small doses because I’m an introvert and peopling really, really exhausts me.


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How to Make an Introvert Door Sign

I started with an old cabinet door.

First I added extra holes to each side where the hinges used to be, using a drill bit. This will give you something to thread ribbon through later to hang it. Sand the area around the holes if needed. As you can see in the photos below, I actually added my screw holes after painting. Do as I say, not as I do.

Paint with the paint of your choice. You probably will want to read these tips on applying vinyl to wood and choose your painting supplies accordingly. Personally, I painted these with Rustoleum 2x Painter’s Touch spray paint, something I had laying around because I use it for painting plastic.

My vinyl didn’t stick as well because I didn’t read that article before making them (wink). It works, but I recommend taking the path of least resistance.

Upcycling a cabinet door. Painted blue before adding vinyl.

Once your paint has dried, you can now apply your vinyl using your transfer paper. 

Using transfer paper to apply permanent vinyl to a sign.
Adding vinyl to a sign, using transfer paper.

Last, thread your ribbon through and hang!

Optional Step: Adding Flowers

You can add paper flowers or make fabric flowers like I did. I bought this “pattern” for my Cricut Maker and it cut the flowers out for me. The blue ones are made from upcycled denim jeans… they’re the bottoms of my son’s jeans that I cut off to make shorts. The multicolor flowers are made from some cotton fabric that I got while attending the Snap Conference for craft bloggers.

Cricut Maker with fabric loading in.
Fabric laid out to be cut with my rotary blade and my Cricut Maker.
This is the fabric cut with my Cricut Maker to make the flowers.
Fabric cut out for the flowers.

I used my serger to gather the flowers, but you could use a sewing machine too as stated in the directions for the pattern.

Once gathered, I moved the pieces around just how I wanted them then hand sewed them in the middle, finally sewing a button on.

Flowers made from fabric with the Cricut Maker
Fabric flowers with a button in the middle.

You can hot glue your flowers to your sign. 

Love sign making? I also made these super cute nursery signs and two Harry Potter signs for our Halloween decor: Front Door and Garden Sign.

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This "Small Talk Strictly Prohibited" sign is the perfect gift for introverts. Make it with the Cricut Maker.
Small Talk Strictly Prohibited Sign for introverts.

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Introvert Door Sign

Sharing is caring!


Saturday 16th of March 2019

Cute! What a fun way to use a cupboard door. I LOVE your fabric flowers, too.


Saturday 16th of March 2019

Lovely idea to upcycle doors like that. And I love the added details of the flowers. Pinned