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Eco Friendly Gift Ideas: Green Gifts for Eco Warriors

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Eco Friendly Gifts Ideas: Green gift ideas for your eco warrior friends and family. The perfect sustainable gifts that you can buy online.

I know that sometimes your eco friendly family member or friend may be a bit confusing to you. What can you buy them for a gift that they’ll actually use? Why are they giving you crazy eyes for making them a disposable diaper cake for their baby shower?

I admit, I’m that friend/family member. My family came to town in October and I was going behind them, picking recyclables, reusables, and compostables out of the garbage can and they’re staring at me in horror.

Needless to say, I was considering what type of gift guides I wanted to put together this year for my blog and an ecofriendly guide was my FAVORITE idea. I just put together my personal wish list of green gifts and here it is… wink wink hint hint to my family who is wondering what to get me this year!

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Green Gifts for Eco Warriors

Looking for a gift for a friend or family member who identifies as an environmentalist, an ecowarrior, or zero waste? Here are some green gift ideas that they won't hate.

collage of 3 eco friendly gift ideas

Ecofriendly Gifts you can make

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Eco Friendly Gifts Ideas: Green gift ideas for your eco warrior friends and family.

Google Web Story: Green Gift Ideas for Eco Warriors!

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Saturday 3rd of December 2016

I love the water bottle too. I recently got a glass one from Target and I carry it with me everywhere! Thanks for linking up to #12DaysofGiftGuides!