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Best Sewing Books for Beginners

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Books for beginner sewers (sewists). Photo: books and fabric on a shelf.

A list of the best sewing books for beginners. For beginners to sewing, these books offer simple projects to try, sewing tips, troubleshooting, and more!

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Learn to sew can be daunting. There’s so much that can go wrong when you’re first learning and I remember just staring at my machine thinking it was horribly broken some days… just to find out that I’d threaded it wrong or used the wrong needle.

My favorite method to learn a new hobby though is to just do it. I find projects that I want to tackle, then I do them, learning about the various supplies and techniques along the way. I’ve learned to sew this way and I am learning to woodwork this way as well.

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It’s so much fun! Here are some great beginners sewing books to help get you started learning to sew! Make sure to add some of these- or all of them- to your bookshelf.

1. One Yard Wonders by Patricia Hoskins & Rebecca Yaker

2. How to Sew, Use, and Clean Cloth Diapers (and other cloth products) by Danielle Pientka

I started sewing because I wanted to make my own cloth diapers. That was my entire motivation. This opened my eyes into all of the creative things that I could make if I knew how to sew (and build and craft and…).

This book was written with the intention of giving beginner sewists the information they need to get started making their own cloth products.

3. Sewing Manual by YOUR sewing machine’s manufacturer

Honestly this should be #1 and obviously I can’t link it because it should have come free with your machine. Your sewing manual is an invaluable resource. If you haven’t read it, you’re missing out.

4. Sewing for Your Kitchen by Danielle Pientka

This is a resource that includes 14 easy sewing projects that you can learn to make for your kitchen. A lot of these items make great gifts and are simple to sew, making them great starter items for new sewists to learn on.

5. Sewing for Guinea Pigs by Danielle Pientka

Similar to the prior two books, this book features easy sewing tutorials for products you can use with your guinea pigs. They are great starting points because they’ll give you a lot of practice sewing fairly simple items.

6. A Kid’s Guide to Sewing by Sophie Kerr

7. Sewing School by Andria Lisle

8. Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!: The Complete Guide to Quiltmaking by Diana McClun

9. School of Sewing by Shea Henderson

10. Denyse Schmidt Quilts: 30 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects by Denyse Schmidt

11. Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes

12. Simplicity’s Simply the Best Sewing Book by Anne Marie Soto

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Sewing Books for Beginners- Just getting started learning to sew? Here's some books that will help you along the way!

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