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Small Backyard Playground Ideas: Create an Outdoor Playroom!

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Small Backyard playground ideas for kids!

Here are some fabulous small backyard playground ideas that will make the kids beg to go outside. Build a tire swing, a playhouse, add a sandbox, and more!

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While we have a pretty amazing playroom indoors for the winter and rainy days, I always want to keep an exciting outdoor play space for the boys.

They’re busy kids and it is important to me that they spent a lot of time outdoors- digging in the dirt and sand, jumping in mud puddles, climbing and enjoying the sunshine. I’ve continued to improve on our outdoor kids space as much as possible to keep it attractive to them, year after year.

Today I’m bringing you a roundup of ideas for a small backyard playground that include some that I’ve shared in the past, as well as some from other bloggers. I hope you enjoy and find inspiration for your own backyard playground!

Small Backyard Playground Ideas

For introverts like us, having an AWESOME playground at home was important! We could get our kids playing outside as much as possible, making sure they get exercise and all of their wiggles out. Here are some AMAZING ideas for playgrounds and outdoor spaces for your children!

Here are our FAVORITE outdoor toys if you’re looking to purchase some new outdoor play things for your space. I can also teach you how to patch a bounce house, an unfortunate skill I picked up this summer.

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Outdoor playground ideas they'll love this summer. Keep the kids outdoors with an engaging outdoor playroom.

Originally published June 2018. Updated May 2020.

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