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Garden Gift Ideas for Extra Berries, Veggies, Herbs, and Flowers

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With a bountiful garden, there are many wonderful gifts you can make!

Want to put your garden to work? Here are some fun garden gift ideas!

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I absolutely love my garden and spend a lot of time planting, watering and weeding it. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes I’m not. I’ve found that I am far better at fruit and flower gardening than I am at vegetable gardening, but I moved my vegetables into my Garden Tower 2 this year to make more space for fruit in the yard. I’m working towards my goal of turning my 1/4 acre yard into more of an orchard. It’s too expensive here to move to the 4 acre property that I want ($700k+ with $10k in property taxes, yikes), but I’ve been reading up on creating fruit guilds as a way to make permaculture an option for smaller properties like ours.

This year was the first year that I really made good use of my garden. I started cutting flowers to make arrangements for my table and used some of my extra plants to make planters as teacher gifts at the end of the year. It was eye opening for me to realize that my garden could be so much more than just something pretty to look at when I’m outside. If you love gardening, but don’t put your garden to use then you’re missing out on a golden opportunity.

Here are some fun ways that you can make your garden work for you! I’ve been focusing a lot on edible gardening in the past few years, but everything from edibles to flowers can be used to make cute or helpful gifts for friends and family!

Gifts Made with Herbs from Your Garden

Rosemary Lemon Bath Salts: If you have a prolific herb garden, make some rosemary lemon bath salts.

Garden gift made with rosemary.

Rosemary and lemon infused olive oil would make an amazing gift in a pretty jar!

Rosemary oil diy for a gift.

This mint extract is so easy to make!

Mint Extract for a gift

Gifts Made from Fruits from Your Orchard

This blackberry jam would be a delicious gift!

Gift this blackberry jam!

Or you could make this apricot jam!

Apricot jam makes a sweet gift.

This wild plum jam is beautiful in those glass jars!

Sugar free wild plum jam

Easy Homemade Fig Jam… yum!

Fig jam in a glass jar.

Elderberry Cordial: Doesn’t this summery drink look delicious?!

Elderberry Cordial straight from the garden.

Gifts Make from Vegetables from Your Garden

Whip this broccoli pesto up in your food processor…

Homemade broccoli pesto in the food processor

Salda verde is another great option!

Salsa verde in a jar.

These pickled tomatoes might be too pretty to eat:

Pretty pickled tomatoes in jars.

I have a feeling this homemade tomato ketchup recipe will spoil them forever…
Spoil them with homemade ketchup.

Gifts Made from Garden Flowers

This rose sugar scrub is so pretty I could cry…

Rose sugar scrub in a food processor.

Make these beautiful planters with the flowers from your garden!

This bug bite salve would be a sweet gift if you know someone who mosquitoes love.
Healing salve from bug bites.
While I normally love to use cut flowers, I would have never thought of drying them to make a wreath! This is gorgeous!
Dried flower wreath

This is a super cute way to plant succulents!

Succulents in a Seashell
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Do you have any other ideas about how to use your garden to make gifts? I’d love to get more ideas! Leave a comment below! If you’re not sure what to put on your wishlist this year, check out my post on Gifts for Plant Lovers!

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Gifts you can make from your garden. Using extra herbs, fruit, vegetables, and flowers to make these beautiful gifts!

Garden Gift Ideas

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