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Organize Your Homeschool with these Easy Cricut Projects

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Organize your homeschool with these easy Cricut projects. Whether you’re homeschooling, doing virtual learning, or just organizing your child’s office space, these ideas will help organize your space.

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When we decided to renovate our office to be kid-friendly for homeschooling or digital learning this year, I knew my Cricut Maker would come in VERY handy. The Cricut Maker is like a fancy label maker, but better. You can make everything from shirt iron on decals to wall decals to coasters with this versatile machine. And everything looks so professional!

If you sew, you should check out the Cricut Maker FAQ for sewists, or if you’re just wondering what type of projects you can do with the machine, here are some of my Cricut projects over the years.

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How I Used the Cricut Maker to Customize Our Homeschool Space

These are three projects that I created with my Cricut Maker to help organize our homeschooling space. My tutorial is in the video below… but first, here are the supplies I used for these projects.


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My first project was to add labels to the fronts of our desk drawers. My kids are willing and able to put things away, but they really need a lot of direction to get it done properly. Tell them “clean up” and they’ll throw things in all sorts of random places. I wanted their drawers organized so their supplies were easy to find.

Young boy sitting on a bounce chair while he works on a computer for digital learning. The desk drawers are organized with the labels: Writing, Art, Technology, and Filing.

I created four labels on DesignSpace for each desk: Writing, Art, Technology, and Filing. Their technology drawer is for items like a Chromebook, their microscope, etc. I chose an easy to read font because my kids are still learning to read. Their filing section has hanging folders for each subject so they can file their written assignments; they also add their notebooks for each subject to the relevant folder. It makes finding things WAY easier. In our state, Maryland, we have two annual homeschooling reviews so this will allow me to quickly grab examples of our work over the school year.

My second project was to customize their desk mats. I purchased some nice cork and leather desk mats to prevent them from ruining the wood desks. They were customized with ABCs for my two younger sons and I added parts of speech to my 3rd grader’s mat. I’m hoping to add some quotes eventually too.

Customized homeschool desk mat that is under a keyboard. The 3rd grader's mat shows parts of speech and their definitions.

For the third project, I made us all coasters… again, I’m hoping to protect the desks. I used Cricut Infusible Ink for my Hamilton inspired coaster, and Cricut Infisuble Ink blanks for the kids’ coasters.

4 Infusible ink coasters made with Infusible Ink transfer sheets and Infusible Ink pens. Pens and sheets pictured. Text on one coaster says "Write like you're running out of time." The other three have an animal and a child's name on each.

Here’s the video showing you how I made these projects!

Here’s a tutorial for these three projects… keep scrolling for EVEN MORE projects to check out.

3 Cricut Maker Projects For Homeschool

This video is brought to you by Cricut.

I am using the Cricut Maker…

Danielle explaining how the Cricut Maker works for homeschool projects

And the Cricut EasyPress 2 for these projects. “Blanks” are blank items that you can place a design on.

Danielle explaining Cricut projects for homeschool

Project #1: Organizing Supplies

1. Using DesignSpace and your Cricut Maker, cut out your vinyl. I recommend temporary vinyl.

filing cabinet with cricut vinyl and Cricut Maker cutting vinyl

2. Weed your vinyl.

3. Apply transfer tape to your design

weeding vinyl and using transfer tape

4 Place your vinyl on your drawers and carefully remove the transfer tape.

Organize your supplies!

filing cabinet before & after Cricut vinyl

Project #2: Customizing a Desk Mat

Repeat the steps from #1.

customizing a desk mat with Cricut Maker

Permanent vs. Removable Vinyl

6 Adding letters to the cork desk mats

cricut vinyl and adding vinyl letters

Project #3: Coasters

7 Cut your design on an Infusible Ink sheet.

infusible ink coasters showing Cricut Maker with infusible ink sheet

8 Cut around your design. Remove excess paper.

9 Use a lint free wipe to clean off the tops of your Cricut coaster blanks.

cricut blanks coasters and cutting coaster transfer

10 Preheat your Cricut EasyPress2 for 400 Degree F and set for 60 seconds.

11 Place your coasters on a piece of scrap cardstock.

Cricut EasyPress and blanks coasters

12 Place your design face down on your coaster and use Cricut heat resistant tape to hold in place.

13 Place butcher paper over your coasters. Place EasyPress2 and let sit for 60 seconds.

cricut blanks coaster with cricut infusible ink design

14 Remove carefully and LET COOL.

15 Once cool, remove tape and paper with tweezers.

Cricut EasyPress & weeding infusible ink coasters

Coasters with Infusible Ink markers

16 Using infusible ink markers to draw the design on quality printer paper.

cricut markers in cricut maker

17 Color in the design if desired with infusible ink markers.

18 Wipe your coasters clean.

cricut infusible ink pen in cricut maker and cleaning coaster blanks

19 Place the design and secure with tape. Press for 60 seconds at 400 Degrees F.

20 Remove press and let cool.

using EasyPress to add design to coaster blanks

21 Remove the design carefully.

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removing infusible ink from Coaster and Danielle discussing project

Other Cricut Projects for Homeschooling

Cricut Homeschooling Projects

Homeschooling ideas that you can create with your Cricut Maker or Cricut Air 2!

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