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Back to School Kids Schedule with Cricut

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Family schedule for Back to School, made with the Cricut and a large chalkboard.

How to create a Back to School schedule with your Cricut machine so you can keep everyone organized this school year!

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Last year I wrote a quick schedule for the family on this huge chalkboard and it worked really well. My 1st grader LOVED having it to refer to. Seeing it worked well for my kids, I figured I’d do a nicer version this year. I whipped this up really quick with my Cricut. It’s a lot of weeding and applying the vinyl, but it looks SO much nicer than my handwriting. I used regular vinyl so it could be easily removed when we need to change the schedule.


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How to Make Your Schedule

You’ll want to use the Cricut file that I give you above or make your own. If you want to alternate colors, make sure you have 2+ colors alternating on your schedule. I think this makes the sign easier to read.

Remember that the size of your words needs to be correct for the size of your board. I almost ran out of space and I’m not sure I’d want a smaller sign for this, simply because weeding small words is harder than big ones.

Blank metal chalkboard with the "Schedule" vinyl weeded and ready to be applied.

Place your vinyl on the mat, load into your machine, and set it up to cut.

Cut each color separately. I used a different color for the “schedule.” I applied my “Schedule” cut before anything else.

Applying the word "schedule" to the top of my chalkboard using Cricut transfer paper.

Now cut your schedule items up so you have one strip for each “event.” Weed each.

Weeded list items for my schedule.

Line up your family schedule as planned.

Lining up each vinyl schedule item to make sure I have the placement right before applying the vinyl to my chalkboard.

Use your transfer paper to apply each line from the top down. Cricut transfer paper is pretty strong so I love to save old pieces and reuse them… it makes it a lot easier to apply vinyl when they’re a bit older, plus you get a lot of use out of the transfer paper before it becomes garbage.

Part of the schedule items applied to the chalkboard with Cricut vinyl.

I just kept going all the way down until I had all of my items added. I added a mix of schedule items for my kids and myself, although I did stop at the kids’ bedtime.

Nothing is perfectly centered, but I tried to keep things a little sloppy. I’m going to call it “artistic license” and not laziness. I like the sound of that. My thought here is that you either need to get it perfectly centered and draw out your placements beforehand… or you need to make it sloppy enough to look intentional. I went in that direction.

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Create an easy 30 minute Back to School schedule for your kids and yourself to help keep you on track this year! Super easy with your Cricut.

Google Web Story: Putting together a family schedule with Cricut.

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