DIY Built-In Entertainment Center: Final Reveal

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DIY Built-In Entertainment Center

How to build your own distressed DIY built-in entertainment center with bookshelves, under cabinet lighting, and storage space. Built ins are a great way to organize your home.

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This is one of the cooler projects we’ve done, and it was a LOT of work. It took us about three weeks total. My husband did the majority of the work honestly because I’m not allowed near sharp objects… (only joking a little bit here, I’m really accident prone). I did the organizing and the painting.

Breakdown of Costs:

  • Cabinets, Countertop, and Base: $569.76
  • Bookshelf/Miscellaneous Other Supplies: $427.05
  • Desk Grommets and 2″ Forstner Bit: $25.90
  • Two more cabinets: $122.00
  • Cabinet Lighting: $34.75
  • Cabinet hardware: $19.95 (plus two I had sitting around from another project)
  • TV Mount: $28.69
  • Painting Supplies: $9.94 (I had everything besides some extra sandpaper that I needed)

Total Spent on Project: $1,238.04

Must of the larger items on this project were ordered through Ebates for pickup from Lowes. This gave me an additional “discount” that isn’t shown here- instead I get a percentage back (2% at the time) from Ebates in the form of a gift card.

We also added these cabinet hardware to the front of the cabinets:

I recommend getting a template to help install the hardware on the front of the cabinets for the built in entertainment center.

Here’s how it works when you’re marking the holes. Then you just drill through and screw the knobs/handles on.

Pretty easy and they all end up even which is nice.

Unless your husband thinks he sees his mark and it’s really just a spot on the distressed paint… haha.

We had one little accident that required some wood filler. I suppose you may want to pick something more obvious when you mark the holes or be very careful.

Adding hardware to distressed cabinets for built-ins.
View of under cabinet lighting and trim on a DIY entertainment center.

We also added trim. Sigh, it’s so pretty.

Here’s some more pictures of the built-in entertainment center for your enjoyment. Gosh I could look at it ALL DAY LONG. My husband rocks.

Before and after we built our built-in entertainment center.
Built In bookshelves, storage, and entertainment center: lights on.
Area for game systems in our built-in entertainment center.
Close up of our lighted built-in bookshelves.

This project was initially inspired by the one done by Addicted2Decorating.

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