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Built-In Entertainment Center: Electronics

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How we organized our electronics and cords for our built-in entertainment center.

Welcome back to my blog post series on building our entertainment center. I hope you’re enjoying the progress!

This post is dedicated to the electrical part of the project.

Running the electrical wires as discretely as possible was important for us because we have a lot of different devices and we didn’t want wires everywhere, detracting from all the hard work and “artistry” we put into this entertainment center.

We are not, however, electricians, and we didn’t want to spend a lot of money to have an electrician do the work. So these are some things we did that were newbie-friendly.

Outlets for Cable and Electric: My husband cut the square in the back of the cabinet for the electrical outlet so we could plug things in. He also made a small hole in the side to run the cable wire through.

He was taping out where he wanted things here… or something. 

Right here we mounted our tv on the wall, slightly above the countertop. We found tv wall mount brackets on Amazon (by visiting this link, you support my blog. Thank you!).

The tv is low enough that the wires aren’t super obvious. The wiring feeds down into the desk grommet immediately below it… The wiring then goes directly to the cable and electrical outlet. Our bottom outlet plug is hooked up to the light switch so we will be using that for the under shelf lighting, and a surge protector for the other outlet so we can plug in all of the other devices.

Adding the grommets was key to organizing the wires under the tv. We bought (3) 2″ desk grommets and a 2″ forstner bit for $25.90 for this project.

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The bit drilled a 2″ hole in the countertop and through the top of the cabinets. It was helpful to not have the countertop screwed in/glued on to do this, but not necessary.

There’s a grommet below the tv, and one on each bookshelf for wiring. We also created holes to run electronics inside the cabinets as necessary. You could probably make a smaller hole if you have less electronics to run, and you could also use grommets, but we didn’t as this area was hidden. 

The second part to this electronics piece is the lighting which will be in a separate post.

We may eventually close off the electrical outlet in the back and screw the cable plate in, but we’re still trying to figure out the best option for them. It seems like the electrical outlet would need to be pulled out and we don’t want to mess with that. I also don’t like the mess of wires we’ve got. I need to organize them all. Any ideas?

This project was initially inspired by the one done by Addicted2Decorating. My other posts on this project can be viewed here:

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