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12 Bathroom Organization Projects to DIY

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Disorganized bathroom cabinet with lots of junk under it.

Looking to organize your bathroom? Here are some bathroom organization projects to DIY, Get ideas for bathroom shelves, cabinet organizers, and more that you can build or make to help improve the look, convenience, and storage in your bath.

Let’s be honest- most of us spend a lot of time in the bathroom and it’s often a spot that gets messy quick. Between clothes getting left on the floor, toothbrushes and other routine care items being left on the counter, and extra rolls of toilet paper, it can get a bit crazy.

I like to make sure my bathroom is extremely well organized so that we can keep the bath tidy. It is SO much easier to quickly clean the bathroom if only there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Today I’d like to highlight some fun projects that would be perfect for organizing your bathroom. You can easily make these organizers with the detailed linked tutorials!

Bathroom Organization DIY Projects

DIY projects that you can complete to update your bathroom for better storage, easier cleaning, and convenience.

Hope this helps inspire you to get your home and bath organized! Which project do you need to do first?

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DIY projects that can help you organize your bathroom at home.

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