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How to Water a Christmas Tree with Less Mess

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Setting up an easy watering system for Christmas tree with a funnel and PVC pipe.

How to water your Christmas tree, how often you should water it, and how to create a Christmas Tree watering system to prevent your tree from drying out!

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If you’re new to having a freshly cut Christmas tree in your home, you may not know how important it is to keep your tree watered. Like other cut flowers and plants, these trees will die if you don’t take care of them. While this may not be a big deal with the $20 bouquet of roses, Christmas trees become a HORRIBLE fire hazard without proper care.

Here’s a really good video showing how fast your tree can go up in flames…

While this might make you hesitant to buy a cut tree, I LOVE having cut trees. I love the smell of them and the look. They are also delicious for our goats when we toss them in the field after Christmas. You can even make a quick craft with the bottom slice of your tree.

You just need to take GOOD care of your tree. Here’s how to do it!

Remove the Bottom Slice of Your Tree

The first thing you need to be aware of is that you need to remove the bottom slice of your tree if the tree has been sitting in the lot a while. The place you purchase your tree from MAY do this for you… if not, you can use a chainsaw or hack saw to remove it.

It’s similar to why you cut a bit off the bottom stem of your roses or bouquet when you go to put it in water. The stems don’t absorb water as well if you don’t cut them.

And if it doesn’t absorb water well, all of that watering you’re doing isn’t going to keep your tree moist.

Christmas Tree Water

Many people believe they should put additives in the water to help keep the tree fresh. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, this is unnecessary and fresh water is best.

How to Water a Christmas Tree

First, if caring for plants consistently is difficult for you, then consider delaying picking up your tree until closer to Christmas Day. This will mean less maintenance overall. Once you bring your Christmas tree home, you need to be prepared to check the water basin regularly- I usually check once or twice a day.

You may be surprised at how fast the tree sucks up water. This water keeps the tree moist and less susceptible to going up in flame.

How Often Should I Water My Christmas Tree?

Check your basin once or twice a day (usually once is fine). If you’re worried about forgetting, make sure to set an alarm on your phone or on your Alexa device… the nice thing about using a device like Alexa or Google Home is that it’ll alert anyone in the room so hopefully SOMEONE takes responsibility (I need a device in the bathroom to yell at whoever leaves the toiler paper roll empty).

How to Easily Water the Tree

Using a Christmas tree watering device such as a tree watering funnel can help make the job less difficult. I find that leaning down and trying to push a watering can through the bottom branches to be hard on my back and I often spill water.

I saw some really neat tree watering funnels at the store, but they’re expensive… and they’re SO easy to make.

Here’s how I made mine.

DIY Christmas Tree Watering Funnel

The nice thing about this project is that it’s CHEAP and it’s EASY. It’s also a 5 minute project that uses supplies you might already have on hand.

You’ll need a PVC pipe and a Funnel. I had both.

PVC and funnel for funnel watering system.

You can decorate them or tape them together… whatever floats your boat. I put this towards the back of my tree so I didn’t bother. But red duct tape might look nice if you wanted to make it look like a candy cane!

Insert your PVC into the water area of the stand. You’ll probably need to get down low to make sure it’s in there good. You DO NOT want to accidentally jostle it out at some point during the holiday season and water your floors.

If you place it towards the back side of your tree, it will be less obvious.

Just please be careful with electricity and water. You don’t want to get shocked.

Insert PVC pipe into water area of Christmas tree stand.

Add your funnel to the PVC.

Insert funnel into the PVC pipe top.

And your Christmas Tree Watering System is READY TO ROLL! You’ll still need to make sure you don’t put too much water in and overflow it… you can stick a finger in occasionally while you’re watering to make sure OR you can measure how much water fits inside it and just put that much in every day (although you need to take into account how much the tree drinks).

The good news is that Christmas trees are easier to keep alive than bouquets of flowers… Have a SAFE and MAGICAL Christmas season!

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Adding water to a funnel Christmas tree waterer. Super easy DIY!

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