How to Water a Christmas Tree with Less Mess

If you’re new to having a freshly cut Christmas tree in your home, you may not know how important it is to keep your tree watered.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that you need to remove the bottom slice of your tree if the tree has been sitting in the lot a while.

Remove the Bottom Slice of Your Tree

How to Water a Christmas Tree

Once you bring your Christmas tree home, you need to be prepared to check the water basin regularly- I usually check once or twice a day.

Check your basin once or twice a day (usually once is fine).

How Often Should I Water My Christmas Tree?

How to Easily Water the Tree

Using a Christmas tree watering device such as a tree watering funnel can help make the job less difficult.

Insert your PVC into the water area of the stand. You’ll probably need to get down low to make sure it’s in there good.

DIY Christmas Tree Watering Funnel

Add your funnel to the PVC.  And your Christmas Tree Watering System is READY TO ROLL! You’ll still need to make sure you don’t put too much water in and overflow it.

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