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How to Paint a Ride On Car

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How to paint a ride on car. This DIY superhero car is a huge hit with the kids!

How to paint a ride on car. Repainting a plastic toy car is an easy way to update it. 

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We received this toy car free off Freecycle and I wanted to update it because I saw all these cool paint jobs on Pinterest and got excited. My son didn’t care what it looked like until I told him I was going to make him a “Superman car” by painting it, then he got mad every time I wouldn’t immediately go paint this (I was still waiting on red paint- which I ended up canceling as I realized it wasn’t necessary). He’d see the blue paint sitting out of reach and say “SUPERMAN CAR!?” Glad I finally finished this. Haha.

So I purchased some special spray paint for plastic, got out my drop cloth and my painter’s tape, and got to work. I did take some of the stuff off to paint to make it easier, as possible. My toddler helped me remove all of the old stickers from it. Very easy and quick to do this project.

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Supplies for a Superhero Car DIY

Here are the supplies that I bought from Amazon, if you want to make it really easy. Both items below are the exact ones I used. The car was already red in places so I didn’t need to paint those areas. Order two of the stickers if you want one on each side. Ordering using the affiliate links below help support my blog, thank you!

I have found that I prefer Rustoleum 2x spray paint for plastic as I think it lasts a bit better. The ink blue might do the trick. I wrote a blog post about painting plastic and the best tips for being successful at it, if you’re interested.

Before Photos of the Ride On Car

Before picture of a DIY Superhero Car


How to Paint a Ride On Car

Repainting a plastic toy car is fairly easy. We took apart the car first so the electronics wouldn’t get painted too. We  took off the stickers on the ride on car too.

Taking apart the plastic ride on car to paint it.

Then we taped off the areas we didn’t want painted. Instead of buying red paint, I used the current red pieces. There’s two ways plastic toys are made- you can dye the plastic before it’s made into the product which makes for a longer lasting paint job. Or you can paint the plastic after it’s made. This never lasts quite as well, even on store bought products. If you look closely at old kid toys, you can actually see what the base color is… it’s interesting!

Needless to say, using the red that was already there was a good way to make my job easier and also to make the ‘paint job’ last longer. So I just covered the red pieces with painters tape.

Using painters tape to cover the red parts of the ride on car.


Once the red was taped up, I spray painted the rest blue. I used a couple coats of paint.

Spray painted ride on car.

I made sure to spray paint some of the removable accessories separate.

Accessories spray painted blue.

Now we just removed the tape and put the whole thing back together. This was really the hardest part, haha.

Putting the ride on car back together after painting it.


Final Product

Superhero Car DIY: Superman ride on car with red and blue spray paint.

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Learn how to paint a toy car. This easy DIY Superhero car is easy to create with some spray paint and creativity!

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Sunday 28th of April 2019

good work. a nice car by painting.


Sunday 5th of May 2019