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Kid’s Art Portfolio and Chalkboard

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How to make an art portfolio and chalkboard for children. These make great gifts!I recently made this children’s art portfolio and chalkboard for my friend’s daughter’s birthday party and I wanted to share the video tutorial that I created to explain the process. This isn’t the easiest project ever, but I definitely think it’s feasible if you have a little sewing knowledge and a sewing machine.

For this project, I found some 100% Polyester Frozen fabric in the remnants bin… I had almost a yard (what a score, right?!), and used some other coordinating fabrics to go with it. My inner fabric was a plain light blue (barely shows), then I used a pink fabric for the large pockets, some clear plastic “fabric” for a see through pocket, and a little chalkboard fabric.

To Cut:

  • I cut four pieces of light purple fabric that were 11.25″ x 16″…  Or you can do two pieces that are 22.50″ x 16″ and just fold them in half for the big pockets.
  • Chalkboard Fabric was cut to: 7×12.5″
  • Small Frozen Pocket for Crayons: 4.25″ x 16″
  • Two strips of purple fabric: 2″ x 16″
  • One strip of clear fabric for see through pocket: 4″ x 16″
  • Frozen Fabric (outside): 23″ x 16″
  • Blue Fabric (inside): 23″ x 16″

I showed most of the instructions in the video, except how to add on the chalkboard fabric… sorry, I was rushing and didn’t think to start videoing.  So to add the chalkboard fabric on, I used spray glue to glue the chalkboard fabric onto my purple fabric, centered with 2″ around on each side. Then I sewed the chalkboard fabric on once it dried.

Typically pinning would make more sense than gluing, but pinning through this fabric is impossible and this stabilized the chalkboard fabric on there until I could sew it on. It might be fine to skip sewing it on and just use the glue- But sewing it makes sure it’ll stay on and it looks pretty.

My machine settings to sew the chalkboard fabric on, if this is helpful to anyone.
Video Tutorial
Feel free to comment on this post or on my YouTube video if you have any questions or comments. 
I am by no means a professional here, just started sewing a few years ago. Thanks for watching, and it’d be great if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel as I’m still trying to build up a following on there! Thanks!

Finished Product


Sharing is caring!