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Frozen Floor Pillow with Pocket

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Video tutorial showing how I made this fun Frozen floor pillow as a birthday gift for a 3 year old.

How to make a Frozen-themed floor pillow as a birthday gift. This floor pillow has a pocket, as well as the child’s name embroidered on it.

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I made a toddler floor pillow for my son way back, but I had a birthday party that I needed to make a gift for and I decided to do another floor pillow in a different way for her. I really like how it turned out. I added ribbon for decoration, her name embroidered, and a pocket. It went over pretty well! Wish is gotten better pictures, but it was a gloomy day and I forgot to take better pictures before the party.

How to Make a Frozen Inspired Floor Pillow



Cut each of your fabrics to 23.5″x 33.5″. I used some Frozen fabric that I had leftover from the art tote that I made for another party, and a coordinating fabric for the back.

On the coordinating fabric side, I added a pocket with the Frozen fabric.

Making a pocket for the front of the pillow.

Before sewing the pillow together, I used my embroidery machine to add our friend’s name. This looks best on the plain side as the Frozen fabric will be hard to see the embroidery on.

Name embroidered on the front of the pillow.

On the Frozen fabric for the other side, I sewed two pieces of ribbon on for embellishment.

Adding ribbon to the pillow front.

Face the fabrics right sides together, sewing around until you have a fist’s width gap.

Turn your fabric right sides out.


Fill with polyfill, then hand sew the opening closed.

Video Tutorial

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DIY Frozen Floor Pillow

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