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Pathway Lighting on an Old Log

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How to create pathway lighting on an old log with some tea lights. This is SUCH an easy and affordable project.

One of the things we needed for our path this year was lighting. We wanted the lighting low enough that you still have that spooky feel, but not so dark that kids were tripping on things or wandering off the path. We used CAUTION tape to mark out the path clearly, but we also rolled dead trees along the sides of the path. I decided using these to hold tea lights would make for beautiful, spooky, and also romantic lighting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how these came out!

How to Make Tea Light Pathway Lighting


Video Tutorial

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Make sure your spade bit is the correct size for your tea light size. My tea lights fit perfectly in the hole a 1.5″ spade bit makes.

Step 2: Mark where you want your tea lights to go on the log.

Step 3: Use your spade bit to drill a hole on each spot. You want it deep enough that your tea lights won’t slip off the log, but you don’t need to drill very deep for this!

Step 4: Insert tea lights!

Step 5: Turn on the tea lights at night.

I’d love this project for along a pathway for normal use as well, but I’d need an easier way to turn on the tea lights each day- and some tea lights meant for outdoor use. I am not sure if that exists, but this is SO PRETTY!

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Easy pathway lighting using tea lights and old log. Photo at dusk with tea lights on, warm yellow.

Sharing is caring!