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25 Creative And Unique DIY Wood Christmas Decorations

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DIY wooden Christmas Decorations

We have gathered 25 of the BEST DIY wood Christmas decorations for both indoors and out, including DIY trees, lanterns, candles and more!

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If you work with wood a lot, you may have extra wood, particularly scraps, leftover. While these 2×4 projects are great for other times of the year, what about other types of scraps? What about home decor projects? Here are some fun DIY projects so you can make wood Christmas decorations for your home this holiday season!

DIY Wooden Christmas Decorations

There are so many cool DIY wooden Christmas decorations you can make quickly and easily. We've rounded up 25 of the best to inspire you!

Here are some Handmade Stocking Ideas if you like to sew or do crafts as well!

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25 DIY wood Christmas decorations

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