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How to Make a Christmas Card Display

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How to Make a Christmas Card Display from an Upcycled Cabinet Front

DIY Card Display for the Holidays


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A couple of years ago, I made this great card display from an upcycled cabinet front. It was a remnant from our DIY arcade machine project. I liked how it turned out, but I decided to redo it this year. I wasn’t a huge fan of the interior ‘windows’ of it being empty. So I got to work…

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How to Make a Christmas Card Display

This is the before picture of the display… it’s pretty. I like it. But I really wanted a new look.

Previous version of the card display from

First I took off all of the clips… I used a flat head screwdriver to pry them all off.

Removing the clips from the card display.
Sanding cabinet front down.
Sanded cabinet front to be upcycled.
Spray painting the cabinet front red.
Adding string to hold holiday cards to the display.

I sanded off the front of the display…

Once I dusted off the dust, I spray painted the front with a matte red.

Finally I used my staple gun to put on the string. The staples didn’t really hold the string well by itself so I tied it onto the staples.

All hung up by our Christmas village and tree. Love it!

Holiday card display hanging up by the tree and Christmas village.

Now if only I could get our own Christmas cards… made… sent… photos taken. Any of those. LOL!

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DIY Christmas card display.

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