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Reception Seating Chart Ideas: Keys with Guest Seating

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Sign for above the reception seating chart. "Take the key to your seat: But your real place is on the dance floor."

Reception seating chart ideas. Check out this super easy DIY wedding reception idea and make your own keys for guest seating arrangements!

My brother-in-law got married last year and I realized belatedly that I should have offered to make some signs for the wedding. I was married in the pre-Pinterest days so I didn’t even think of it. When my sister-in-law got engaged, I made sure to offer to make them a sign or two if they needed it. For the reception, she wanted to hang keys with each guest’s seating information on their key. She needed a sign to hang above the keys to let guests know to grab their key. I was more than happy to make it for her!

Here’s how I made the sign for the reception seating arrangements.

Supplies for the Reception Seating Sign

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Supplies Used for the Keys

How to Make a Sign for a Reception Seating Chart

I had a sign that was PERFECT. Unfortunately, my kids wrote all over it with crayon soooooo I used a magic eraser to clean it off.

Blank sign that my sons had 'colored' ... I used Magic Eraser to get it back to the white distressed sign.

This is it cleaned off- Magic Eraser is… well… magic. It can even remove wood stain that dripped onto cabinets (whoopsies).

White distressed sign that I found at the store.

I cut my design on the adhesive foil (custom setting and you choose the adhesive foil on your computer).

Cutting adhesive foil for the reception seating sign.

Then I used transfer paper to transfer the design onto my sign. Transfer paper makes it SO much easier. Peel the backing to the transfer paper off, stick the transfer paper on your design (carefully), then peel the backing off your vinyl (the adhesive foil). Then you can stick the transfer paper + adhesive foil onto your sign. Peel the transfer paper off, making sure all the letters adhere.

Here’s the sign at the wedding!

"Take the key to your seat: But your real place is on the dance floor" sign for a wedding reception. Made with a Cricut cutting machine.

Ohhhh and aren’t these arrangements GORGEOUS!? Herbs! I love herbs. Apparently they spent hours DIY’ing these. Wish I was local to help out.

Wedding reception centerpiece idea with herbs.

If you love this idea, make sure to PIN IT on Pinterest and share it on your favorite social media sites. I have another post, Creative DIY Wedding Favors, that might be a good one to check out if you’re planning a wedding.

Reception Seating Chart Ideas: Keys with Guest Seating. This sign was easy to DIY and says "Take the key to your seat, but your real place is on the dance floor."

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