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Magic Eraser vs. Wood Stain

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How to use Magic Eraser to cleanup wood stain on cabinets, sinks, and your floor.

I make a mess when I paint or stain… It’s ridiculous how bad a mess I make. I really wish I had a cleanup crew to come behind me to save the day.

When I decided to stain our wood countertop for our built in desks, I knew I’d make a mess. So I was VERY VERY careful.

And immediately managed to get stain on my cabinet and floor. The floor was funny… because I was careful about the floor and not dripping but I stepped in some stain that was on cardboard I’d used to protect the floor and then spread it everywhere. Not kidding. Total klutz.

Needless to say- the cabinet really is where it started because when I was painting, I got some on the underneath of the cabinet as I was wiping excess stain off. I panicked. Water by itself wouldn’t get it off. Finally I decided to try a Magic Eraser. I dipped the edge of the Magic Eraser in some water, rung it out so it wasn’t dripping, and swiped along the cabinet. Gone. Beautiful and easy. No elbow grease involved.

That’s when I noticed the floor- and used the Magic Eraser on that and it also worked easily.

When I went to clean the brushes in the sink, I made another enormous mess (starting to see a trend here?). The Magic Eraser worked for that as well, with a ton of elbow grease. It wasn’t cleaned up EASILY on this part of the mess, but at least it cleaned up at all.

Coincidentally, the Magic Eraser also helped remove stain from my finger nails. If only it’d been able to get the stain off my hands too… I usually wear gloves, but I was only wearing one glove so I’ve got one beautifully clean hand and another covered in stain.

Through this process, I only had one half torn up Magic Eraser because apparently our supply had gotten low… I was trying to squeeze every little inch of life out of that Magic Eraser too. I’m still working on this renovation project so I made sure to order some more from Amazon with two day shipping. I’ve got an inspector coming by and a lot of work so I’m not sure when I’ll have a chance to run to the store for it. 

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I hope this post is useful for someone else who is frantically searching the internet for a magical solution to their ginormous mess!

Sharing is caring!


Saturday 16th of May 2015

Try using them on sneakers!