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5 Little Ways to Use the Cricut Joy Throughout Your Day!

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Supplies for Cricut Joy! Lots of Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl, pens, and other tools. Cricut Joy + special carrying case.

Easy, every day projects to complete with your Cricut Joy that can organize your home and your life. This tiny machine can do so much!

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One of the things I LOVE to do is label things. I’ve been using my label maker, but the Cricut truly does a better job. It’s just that hauling out my machine is a pain. The Cricut Joy is a game changer. It allows me to do lots of little projects without hauling out a larger machine.

Drink Name Labels

With everyone home all. day. long. there has been sooooo many dishes. All the dishes folks! Why am I doing two loads of dishes every day?! Part of the problem is that everyone uses twelve glasses a day. Half the time they leave a glass half full on the counter or in the fridge and NOBODY can remember whose it is.

These simple drink labels seemed like the PERFECT solution… although I may need to hand wash the cups or replace the labels occasionally. We’ll give it a try and see!

I used Cricut Joy Smart Label Writable Permanent Vinyl for these and the Drink Labels Project on DesignSpace.

Cricut Joy Ideas 1/5: Labeling Cups to keep track of whose cup is whose. Use less cups during your day!

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Storage Bin Labels

These bins in my newly renovation laundry room give us lots of places to tuck away eyesores. We use them for batteries, pet supplies, and more. I whipped up some quick storage bin labels using Cricut Joy Permanent Smart Vinyl.

Cricut Joy Ideas 2/5: Labeling Storage Bins in the Laundry and Mudroom

Easy Canning Labels

We canned peaches last year and I never got around to labeling them. I whipped up some quick and easy labels for my wide mouth Ball mason jars with my Cricut Joy Smart Label Writable Permanent Vinyl.

Use this wide mouth canning jar cut file for your canned peaches!

Cricut Joy Ideas 1/5: Adding labels to canned peaches!

Recycling Bin Labels

When I put together my laundry room, I wanted to add a slide out garbage bin to hold recycling. The only option that fit the space had two cans- a small recycling bin and a larger garbage bin. I don’t need a large garbage bin in that area so I labeled the garbage bin for recycling! This will hopefully keep guests from putting garbage in there.

Cricut Joy Ideas 4/5: Labeling the Recycling Bins

While I was at it, I labeled the outdoor garbage can too. Guests don’t seem to realize the blue is recycling here so sometimes we have to pick garbage out of the bin. This legit drives me nuts so hopefully the label will help. The original labels on the can faded because it’s so old!

Recycling bin with a label for recycling AND for the day of the week the recycling is picked up.

I added the day for pickup on the cans a while back as a reminder for my husband.

This project used Cricut Joy Permanent Smart Vinyl. Indoor cans should be fine with removable or permanent, but you really want to make sure to use permanent for outdoors!

Last Minute Birthday Card & Wrapping

While not a “label,” being able to make quick birthday cards is SUCH a time saver. I NEVER make it to the store in time to buy cards… dragging three kids to the store is never quick. I was able to quickly creative a card AND a little sticker to decorate the wrapping paper (a paper bag).

The card feature is one of my favorite things about the Cricut Joy! It’s just a neat way to make custom cards.

You’ll need some card inserts, a special card mat (which comes with some Cricut Joy Bundles), and Cricut Joy pens if you plan to write on the card with the Joy too.

Cricut Joy Ideas 5/5: Birthday card and birthday wrapping label made with Cricut Joy

Seeing we’re in quarantine and the party got canceled, we did a porch drop off for my son’s BFF’s birthday.

PS. They live close so we got them long distance walkie talkies so they can talk to each other whenever they want! Best. Gift. Ever. for quarantine!

Cricut Designs Used:

Cricut Joy Unboxing

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