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How to Install a Hinge Pin Door Stop

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Hinge pin door stop added to an exterior door.

How to install a hinge pin door stop for your home’s exterior doors. This easy DIY is a great way to keep from marking up your walls.

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This is going to be real quick as it’s just an add on post for my Small Laundry Room Renovation. The door going out to the garage would hit the nice pantry cabinets that I built. I didn’t want the built-ins getting ruined so I made sure to add two hinge pin door stops.

You’re going to need a few tools:

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver or something thin enough to tap the hinge pin out. I think a nail would probably be better.
  • Hinge pin door stop
Supplies for putting on a hinge pin door stop.

You’ll use your hammer and tap your nail (or screwdriver in my case) on the underneath of the hinge. There’s a pin in each hinge that holds the door on. You’re slowly tapping that up until it comes out.

Removing the pin from the hinge on the exterior door to our garage.

If you do only one hinge at a time, your door won’t come off (wink).

Try not to dent your molding around the door. A nail would probably be an easier tool to use so it isn’t as likely to hit the molding.

Once you get the pin out, you can put your door stop on.

Slide the pin back through the door stop hole AND the hinge. Tap it back in with your hammer. Note the direction that the hinge pin is facing… the flat part is against the door, the round part hits the molding.

Hammering in a door hinge pin after putting on a door stop.

If you’re putting on on an exterior door, you should add at least two door stops. The doors are heavier. Make sure both door pins are adjusted equally.

We found that the hinges at our old house went THROUGH the hollow part of the door (interior doors). It is important to install your door stop properly to avoid this issue.

Here’s the video tutorial:

Here’s another type of door stop you can try that’s even easier to put on. It adheres to the wall and protects it!

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How to install a hinge pin door stop for an exterior door.

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