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Easy to Install Wall Door Stop

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Stop your door knobs from damaging your walls like this indentation from the lock.

How to install an easy wall door stop. These are a great alternative to the screw on door stops that sometimes cause issues in your home.

Our first house was a new build and had the typical small posts for door stops that were installed on the baseboards using a screwdriver. As toddlers, the kids loved to remove the white plastic ends to these. They’d stick them in their mouths. Ugh. I didn’t love them.

We also had a couple of door stops that attached to the hinges above. While these seemed like a good alternative, they WENT THROUGH THE DOOR. I had to repair two different doors before we moved because there were large holes from the door stops. This was super frustrating.

Maybe we’re just hard on doors… could be that a radioactive spider bit us and now we’re manifesting our super powers… or maybe we just don’t know our own strength. We’re not so much door slammers as we are unaware of how hard we’re opening doors. Silly, I know. But it appeared that others also had the same problem.

When we moved and needed new door stops, I decided to do some investigating. We need the door stops- between my kids and I, the door knobs are bound to go through a wall if they’re not protected. But I certainly didn’t want the issues we had before.

I was so excited to discover that there’s a super easy to install alternative to “regular” door stops that work great in most circumstances.

These wall door stops work for doors that open into a wall where the door knob will hit the wall. They don’t work for doors that will hit other doors.

Here’s how to install them!


How to Install a Wall Door Stop

This is pretty simple. You start with opening up your package of wall protectors. There was two in each package.

Wall protector that can act as a door stop.

The back has stickers that you can pull the tabs off.

Stickers on the backs of the wall protectors. Pull off the backing for these.

You’ll want to wipe the wall clean where it will go and make sure it’s dry.

If you’re smart, you might want to measure out exactly where to place it. I pushed my door up against the wall and just found where the knob would hit. I just stuck it on in approximately the right area.

Press it on for a few.

Holding the disc on the wall so it will stick well.

Go do it to all of your other doors. Done. It was super fast.

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How to prevent dings in your walls from door knobs and strong kids.
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Yield: 1 Door Stop

Easy to Install Wall Door Stop

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5-$10

Learn how to install an easy wall door stop for a great alternative to the screw on door stops.


  • Door Knob Wall Protector


  • Ruler


  1. Open up your package of wall protectors. 
  2. The back has stickers that you can pull the tabs off.
  3. Wipe the wall clean where it will go and make sure it’s dry.
  4. Measure out exactly where to place it.
  5. Stick it on for a few minutes and it's done.

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