DIY Chores for Showings {With a FREE Printable!}

I feel like all we ever did was have showings on our homes when I was in middle and high school so I like to think I’m a “pro” on this topic, even though I hate cleaning itself. I have a really hard time getting motivated to clean and it’s easy to wait until an … Read more

Staging a home

… Because lets be honest, this is among the more miserable tasks ever. The realtor gave us brutally honest input. Fortunately, the changes didn’t cost much. Phew. It’s good to have a small place… staging a big house would be even harder. We better buy a house we love because we may never want to … Read more

DIY Carpet Cleaning…

I was a bit concerned that the real estate agent is going to want us to replace the carpet if he looks at it as it is now, so I decided to spruce up the carpet with some manual labor. First I saw this post on pinterest about using a squeegee to get hair up … Read more

DIY Oven Cleaning…

I think Pinterest may be the only reason that I ever clean. You’re doing a service to my husband and my home by reading my blog… really. Needless to say I saw this tutorial on cleaning oven glass and decided to use this to try to get my oven clean. The only difference is that … Read more

DIY Cleaning an Oven Fan Filter

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest so I decided to take the opportunity to clean my vent screen as well. My microwave and vent are getting on in years so I’m hoping a little TLC will extend its life! It was a pretty simple task and it didn’t take a lot of equipment- just baking … Read more

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