How to Clean the Bathtub to Get Rid of Rings

I was excited to try this tutorial on cleaning the bathtub to remove the rings around the top. It just uses vinegar and dish soap, and I have plenty of both. I found that it worked, but the pictures don’t show it very well. I usually use a special cleaner that works, but requires letting it sit … Read more

How to clean burnt chocolate out of a pot

I’m going to sum up my results very briefly here: there’s no escaping putting a ton of muscle into this. I failed miserably at making this easier. I was pretty disappointed at the lack of amazing and effective tutorials on this. There were, however, plenty of tutorials.  eHow: How to Remove Burned Chocolate from a … Read more

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

Step 2: Cleaning the Microfiber It’s hard to show in pictures how icky it looks (and feels), but it is. Really icky… here’s a brief glimpse. Microfiber is really crappy to clean. I’ve had this couch steam cleaned by a professional twice since I’ve owned it (4 years?). They always do a good job, but … Read more

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