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How to clean burnt chocolate out of a pot

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I’m going to sum up my results very briefly here: there’s no escaping putting a ton of muscle into this. I failed miserably at making this easier. I was pretty disappointed at the lack of amazing and effective tutorials on this.

There were, however, plenty of tutorials. 

Here’s a quick run through via photos of what I tried….

What my pan looked like, post burnt chocolate pudding. Ugh. Look at that, gross.
Boiled water, added vinegar, then baking soda. It makes cool fizzies.
No luck though because scouring after was just as bad as before.
Tutorial said to make a paste with water and baking soda
so I tried this and let it sit. Still no go.
Tried baking soda and salt, boiled, and scrapped with spoon.
Ouch ouch ouch, use a wooden spoon, otherwise you get burnt.
I didn’t have a wooden spoon.
Somewhat successful and drained the water mixture through the colander.
Scraping was tough work though.

I also tried letting it sit with blue Dawn to no avail. Isn’t this stuff supposed to work for everything?! Very disappointed.

Daddy B was nice enough to take a turn scouring the pan the old fashioned way with elbow grease and it’s getting better. He got it mostly clean and now we’re letting it sit with hot water and blue dawn again overnight. It probably won’t help, but at least it will be ready for a little more elbow grease when the morning comes!

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