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DIY Oven Cleaning…

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I think Pinterest may be the only reason that I ever clean. You’re doing a service to my husband and my home by reading my blog… really. Needless to say I saw this tutorial on cleaning oven glass and decided to use this to try to get my oven clean. The only difference is that I doubled the ingredients (just baking soda, which I’ve probably mentioned that I have tons of…) and I also attempted to clean the inside of the oven too, not just the glass. For some reason, I’m petrified of the self cleaning feature on my oven so this is essentially gunk that’s accumulated since I bought the oven in 2006. Don’t hate, I know it’s bad. But self clean just baffles me. I know there’s probably a therapist and a tutorial to take care of all of that, but I’ve been ignoring the problem.

On to my delightful photos…

This is my oven before…. ewww…:

Here’s my paste and after it’s “administered”…. I waited 30 minutes to let it sit a bit longer.

I started just scrubbing the paste off with my sponge, but it was pretty grueling so I opted to use my handy steel wool stuff…. it got the marks off a little easier and faster.
Then I soaked my sponge in clean water and squeezed it out into the oven… 
then I sponged it all up as I scrubbed the last parts clean. 
I used my empty measuring cup to squeeze out the dirty water and transfer back between the oven and the sink, as I filled the cup. I rinsed my sponge in between as well. This is how disgusting the water was… and yes, it smelled as bad as it looks.

Here’s my stove after all of that hard work… still looking a little rough, I may have to try to self cleaning option after all. But much better! The inside of the glass is a little messy because the drips are INSIDE the glass. I think I could unscrew the whole stove front, but um… no. Not today.
Final step! Self Cleaning Oven
I saved the self cleaning until the next day because I still wanted to cook on the stovetop yesterday and didn’t want the heat to drive me out. Each stove has different instructions for this, but for our GE stove we just took out the trays, locked the stove front, and hit self clean, START. Then we opened all of the windows, turned on the fan in the kitchen, and put up the baby gate to keep all pets and little ones out of the kitchen. 
Apparently, per our instructions, the fumes can harm small birds… lol. SO BEWARE!
Logically, I know I should have done this self cleaning thing first, but I was hoping to avoid it. Needless to say, I did the self cleaning but didn’t bother with an after picture because it didn’t look like it actually DID anything. So I suppose avoiding it all those years was fine… pointless. (sniff) Okay then clean enough!

Sharing is caring!