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Cucumber Trellis from a Wood Ladder

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Blue ladder in the garden.

How to repurpose a ladder into a cucumber trellis. I love clever ideas for the garden, particularly if it involves upcycling!

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My mom lives in San Antonio and we don’t get to visit very often so it’s been three years since my last visit. We got the “tour” of the backyard because she loves to work on her landscaping and gardening… I love crafting and upcycling, but my mom is more of the decorator. She’s done such a nice job with some of the fruits and veggies she grows, and I’m excited to see how much better some things do in Texas. Her cucumber trellis deserved a blog share. She repurposed an old wooden ladder to use for the cucumbers and it’s so beautiful. The blue paint is so pretty with the green vines and leaves!

Cucumber Trellis from a Wood Ladder

As you can see, this is a really simple project. Paint and plop it down in the yard next to your cucumber plants. Let the cucumbers do their thing. My favorite type of project. She did use some sticks as well to give the cucumbers something else to climb up and there’s a fence around it all. 
Blue wood ladder inside a fence with green vines growing up it.
I absolutely adore cucumber leaves and flowers. They are a great contrast with the blue.
Close up photo of cucumber leaves on a ladder trellis.
You can see the cucumbers in the photo below, but my mom also has grapes growing along the fence behind it. She does a lot of container gardening. She lives in Texas and seems to get a mix of too much water and too little water in her yard.
Photo of my mother's garden in her suburban backyard. The cucumbers are growing on a ladder she upcycled and grape vines grow along her fence.
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This fantastic cucumber trellis is easy and FAST to DIY. The blue is gorgeous with the green of the cucumber plants!

Cucumber Trellis | Ladder Upcycle 

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